Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti defeats Balwanti using Buddhi’s idea

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwant pushing Kunti on ground again in the wrestling match. Balvanti asks Kunti to get up and defeats her in first round. Pratap says Balwanti is first round winner. Balwanti Song plays….The bahus and the girls worry for Kunti and think they have made a mistake. Pratap gives commentary and marks the beginning of second round. The Girls shout Dadi Dadi…Balwanti and Kunti hold each other neck. Kunti asks Balwanti to let her win and says she accepts her defeat. Balwanti asks her to make her fall down. Kunti makes her fall. Girls get happy and say dadi dadi. Pratap says round 2 winner is Kunti Devi. Kunti tells Balwanti that they shall do something so that nobody loses or wins. Balwanti tells that she lost from her in the second round, so as to make people think

she is competing with a good competitor. She says she will give indradhanush prachaad in the third round. Kunti gets tensed.

Pratap asks Kunti if she saw his face in Balwanti’s face and pushed her down. Pratibha and others pray to God to make Sasumaa win. Girls cheer for Kunti. Buddhi tells her sisters that Balwanti hit axe on her own leg and comes to meet Kunti. Balwanti tells her servant that she will defeat Kunti and enjoy. Pratap boosts about Kunti’s win in the second round. Buddhi comes to Kunti and tells that Balwanti’s starts taking heavy breaths in 50 seconds. She says I was observing her since Balwanti started practice. She says when she pushed you down, she asks him to make Balwanti busy for 70 seconds and then she will breath high. She says then you can make her lose. Pratap asks Kunti to handle Balwanti for 70 seconds. He announces the third round. Kunti moves when Balwanti tries to attack her. Buddhi thinks just 30 more seconds. Bahus think what Kunti is doing? The girls cheer for Kunti. Kunti runs and escape from Balwanti. Pratap says it is 70 seconds. Kunti thinks of Dhairya’s idea to sit when Shakti attacks her, and defeating the latter. Kunti sits when Balwanti runs towards her and lifts Balwanti and pushes her on ground. Balwanti couldn’t get up. Everyone rejoices. Pratap asks Jamuna Kaki to make Kunti raise her hand as the winner. Kunti taunts Balwanti. Balwanti gets upset. The girls get happy and say our Dadi has won. Montu and his brother get upset. They come home.

The girls feel proud of Kunti and tell that Pratap is distributing sweets in the neighborhood. The bahus praise Kunti and tells that sasumaa is more powerful than Balwanti. Kunti says Balwanti didn’t lose from me, but her ego is broken. She motivates the girls. Buddhi and others give a gift to Kunti. Kunti opens it and finds the medal in the photo frame. Kunti gets emotional. The girls ask her to tell everyone that her grand daughters gave her prize for her bravery. Kunti hugs them.

Prarthana and Panjiri scold Chanchal and Dhairya. Panjiri scolds Dhairya and gives example of Elephant and Tiger’s baby. They ask them to do their work themselves. Panjiri says you are not a kid anymore. They ask them to fold the blanket.

Kunti’s house becomes the court room. Pratap and Buddhi argue like lawyers, and Kunti becomes Judge. Buddhi defends her sisters while Pratap fights bahu’s case.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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