Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 25th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti accepts her grand daughters

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 25th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti and bahus getting tensed seeing many kids chanting Dadi dadi. Panjiri says what we will do now. Pratap says they are shiv ji’s popcorn and sasumaa have to accept them. Kunti says these many kids don’t come to vaccination centre as well. She says I am not your dadi. A girl says you are my Dadi but. She tells that I asked all girls to shout Dadi Dadi to make you worried. She says chanchal attack and calls phupha ji to Pratap. Pratap asks Kunti to ask whose daughter is she? Kunti looks at Prarthana. Chanchal asks the girls to go. Two girls come there arguing and complain to Kunti about each other. Chanchal teases Pratap and makes him scared. Panjiri asks Prarthana if this is shubh or real. The three girls shout pizza pizza….along with Pari. Panjiri tells Kunti that the girls are not agreeing to eat rotis, but insisting to get pizza. She tells Prarthana that Chanchal is her daughter according to Shiv ji. 4th girl is seen singing and dancing in her school. She picks a box and gets charity in it. Pratibha asks whose daughter she is?

Kunti tells the girls that pizza is not good and asks them to have rotis. Door bell rings. Kunti asks them to be seated till she returns. Pizza guy comes. Panjiri says we don’t want pizza. Pizza guy says I came to drop your daughter who slept while having pizza in our shop. They all go out and see a fat girl sitting on pizza guy’s scooter. Pratibha tells Prema that the parents are strange to make the girl sing for money. Ladies standing there tell that she is your daughter, singing song to get charity for other kids. Girl comes and hugs pratibha. She asks if she made her video and says she will show video to Dadi. Pratibha and prema are shocked. Shiv ji is seen going from there. Pizza guy tells that she came to the pizza shop with her friends. Fat girl comes and hugs Panjiri calling her mummy.

Just then pratibha and Prema come there with Sunehri. Kunti tells that she wants the qualities in the bahus which they don’t have and God gave all those qualities in their daughters. Prema says how can they become our children. Pratibha says how we can imagine ourselves as mummy. Panjiri says it seems to be dream for Didi. Kunti sees the girls coming. Prema asks kunto to call Shiv ji and talk. All bahus hide. Prema asks kunti to call Shiv ji and thanks him. Shiv ji walks past them. Pratibha, Prarthana, Panjiri and Pari accept their daughters surprising Kunti. Kunti turns and sees Shiv ji. She greets him and asks what did you do? She says all bahus were thinking, but they took the girls with them. Shiv ji says they are their daughters and your grand daughters. She asks her to recall what she did and says you taught greed to a boy, and that’s why I gave you grand daughters. He asks her to give good upbringing to the girls. Kunti agrees and asks him to keep them blessed. She asks if the girls will fight with each other. Shiv ji says I can’t comment on this.

Kanhaiya asks why they are silent. Girls come and call him Papa. He falls down on sofa. Kunti congratulates him and says you have become Papa. Kanhaiya is shocked.

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