Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 25th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya Is Upset to Know He is Kunti’s Adopted Son

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 25th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanhaiya speaks to someone and says he paid shop tax while buying it and searches tax receipt in Kunti’s trunk. He finds his photo and Kunti’s note on orphanage letterhead that she will upbring Kanhaiya as her own son and will not differentiate between Kanhaiya and her other children. Kanhaiya then reminisces Kusum taunting he is Kunti’s adopted son.

Panjiri, Prarthana and Pari get ready to clean house. Kusum falls asleep on sofa and snores. Panjiri asks her to stop snoring as didi cannot explain. Pari says she knows how to wake up nanad ji and brings scissors. Kanhaiya walks in and watches hiding. Panjiri asks if she will stab Kusum. Pari says she will run knife around Kusum, she will wake up. She does. Kusum wakes up panicked.

Kunti meets Devaki in orphanage and informs when she went to jail, Kanhaiya was very small, she took care of Kanhaiya well and made him competent to run a sari shop. Devika insists to meet Kanhaiya once.

Kanhaiya sadly thinks he is orphan. Pratap walks in disguised as old muslim poet and recites poem on orphanage. Kanhaiya says he is orphan. Pratap asks what.. Khatru calls Kanhaiya next and asks why did not he come to shop yet, he has to go to meet his orphan friend. Kanhaiya talks weirdly. Khatru feels confused.

Kunti returns home. Kanhaiya asks if she is hiding something from her. She says no. He takes her out and asks if she is hiding something from his childhood days. She says she used to puncture his cycle, so that he could stay at home and study. He asks where is he when she, papa, and Kusum are there in family pic. Kunti says he had gone to orphanage to meet his friend. He continues questing. Kunti says she has a lot of work and leaves. Kanhaiya then listens to Jiska Koi Nahi Uska To Khuda hai yaaron…song… and feels more sad.

Devaki calls Kunti and insists to meet Kanhaiya and asks if she can come tonight.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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