Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kusum suggests Kunti To Use Divide and Rule on her bahus

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prarthana drops chana dal which Panjiri prepares on Kunti’s order. Pratibha says not a problem, she will clean it. Kusum taunts Kuinti that all her bahu are together against her. Pratibha asks Panjiri to prepare another dal for maaji. Panjiri asks if she should prepare masoor dal. Kunti reminisces Sarla’s taunts that bahus will do whatever they want and will disobey her. She shouts to prepare chana dal. Pratap in don Ajit’s style asks what happened to buzurg Mona darling.

Kusum taunts Kunti that all her 5 bahus have teamed up against her and taunts repeatedly maiya tu to gayi. Kunti panics an cries that her bahus are acting Hyderabad panch minar/pillars against her. Kusum says she has 5 bahus. She then taunts even her son is against her and is on his wives’ side.

Kunti does not agree. Kusum says he gets only her BP medicine after his marriage, nothing else. Kanhaiya returns home and shows earrings to Kunti. Kunti gets happy and taunts Kusum. She says she got a dream of something. Kanhaiya asks her to return earrings as brought it for Prema and has another 4 sets for other 4 wives. Kunti is shocked and gets sad while Kusum taunts hher.

Kunti requests Kusum to give her some idea. Kusum suggests Kunti to use dive and rule against her bahus to rule over them. Kunti likes her idea and says for the first time she used her brain, asks who will help her in diving her bahus. Kusum suggests to take Pratap’s help. Kunti agrees. Kusum then goes to Pratap and asks him to help Kunti. Pratap resists in his usual jokergiri style. Kusum warns after Kunt is kicked out by her bahus, he will be kicked out as he is jobless and houseless. He agrees and says he will help Kunti only if she pleads him. Kunti says yehhh in her style. Pratap gets afraid. Kunti says people taunt her that she has kept ghar jamai, if he does not help, he is out of house. Pratap pleads her not to and agrees to help.

Kunti fixes all 5 bahu’s photos on a board linking them with thread. Pratap asks what buzug Mona darling is up to. Kunti says explains her plan in her usual style and says she will first break Prarthana and Pari’s connection. Kusum asks her how will she. Kunti calls Pari who comes doing her usual foolish acting. She asks Pari to bring water for her. Pari asks wet water or dry water. Kunti asks what she means. Pari says when she dropped water on table other day, she asked to dry water. Kunti says she is right and asks to bring wet water. Pari brings water in a box and says she poured whole glass of water in box. Kunti scolds her and asks to bring water in a glass.. Pari’s jokergiri continues..

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for the update Hasan. its the best serial of the television right now.enjoy every episode of it.

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