Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pillow Swallows Kunti’s precious ring

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari telling that Pilloo is understanding. Pratibha asks Pilloo to sit. Prema says it wants to play. Pratibha says what we can make it play? Pari says we can feed him anything, and tells that she will play chess. Prema says we will play ball with Pilloo. Pratibha asks her to close the door first, She closes the door and asks Pilloo to play fast. Kunti talks to Rajindri and comes to know that her bahu is bitten by a dog. Pratap comes and asks for 50 Rs. for phone recharge. Kunti scolds him. Panjiri comes and gives tea to bahus. Pilloo runs out of room. Pratap sees Pilloo and tell Kunti. Kunti shouts and calls bahus. She asks whose dog is this? Pari says Prema ran back to room.

Later Kunti scolds Prema for bringing the dog home and asks how dare you to bring it. Prarthana apologizes and says they brought it for its safety. Pratibha says for some days, until its owners take it back. Pari asks what is the problem, if we have two dogs then it is good, says she is talking about her dog. Kunti scolds Kanhaiya for not informing her. She says either I or this dog will stay here. Pratap asks Kunti to go. Prema says we can let it stay for few days. Kunti says I will leave. Prema says we will send Pillow. Pratibha says where we will drop it. Pari says we will drop it in railway station or bus station. Kanhaiya tells that they will send Pilloo to animal home. Panjiri gives parathas to Prema and asks her to have it on the way. Kusum and Pratap come there. Pratap tries to make moustache on Kusum’s face. Kusum refuses.

Pratap blackens Kunti’s hand mistakenly. Kunti takes out her bangles, rings and goes to wash her hand. Pari says she will take selfie of the Pilloo with selfie. Pilloo eats biscuits and ring along with it. Kunti comes back and finds her ring missing. Pari tells that Pilloo have eaten biscuits and swallowed ring. Kusum says it has swallowed. Kunti cries and says my ring was worth 30000 and asks says this dog. Bahus says Pilloo. Kanhaiya gets animal house activist. Kunti asks him to get her ring first. Pratap says we have to keep Pilloo at home until we get the ring back. Pratap says you have swallowed Kunti Devi’s ring.

Kunti talks to her Jiji and looks at her hand, says everything is fine because of her bahus. She asks if she needs anything. Jiji tells so many things. Kunti says I will send and ends the call. Pari comes there and says we got it. Kunti asks did my ring is found? Pari says I have won 20 Rs lottery and can buy more churan now. Pilloo comes there and eats biscuits and takes list with it. Kusum asks her to call jiji and get list. Kunti says Didi will scold me. Pratibha looks at the receipt and sees dog food. Kunti comes there. Pratap eats something. Prema says it is dogs food, we got it from market. She shows shampoo and conditioner. Kunti says we have never done such things. Pratibha says times have changed now. Kunti asks her to take it to parlour. Prema tells about its beauty parlour. Kunti asks how much you have spent.

Vet comes to give injection to Pillow, but gives to Pratap instead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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