Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Confronts Pratibha

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti over phone scolds Chaurasiya that she will not give him money for his ulcer treatment, he must be stuffing chaat pakodas somewhere. Kusum asks not to be so cunning and give money to maama for his treatment. Kunti says why should she, calls doctor and says she called him yesterday to discuss about her brother’s stomach ulcer and will get him admitted tomorrow. Kusum says she is so good. Kunti says even intelligent, but is worried about Pratibha and says she will fix CCTV cameras to catch Pratibha right handed.

In hospital, Pratap’s jokergiri continues as patient and Khatru as peon. A man enters calling Pratap as papaji and says he searched him everywhere. Khatru says this is Jammu kaka. Pratap starts his acting. Man says papaji loses his memory, so he wants

to take him to Bareily and get him admitted in a big hospital. Pratap and Khatru get tensed.

Kunti gets her friend’s call and says Kanhaiya has gone out of station, so she will bring her sari to Kanhaiya’s shop. Pratibha hears that and says she will drop sari at shop and leaves with Sari bag. Kunti calls Kusum who is at Kanhaiya’s shop and asks to finish her work soon and return. Kusum says she needs nail polish. Kunti agrees after a bit of drama and asks to keep 5000 rs in Kanhaiya’s drawer and check if CCTV camera is working. Kusum says done. Kunti says once Pratibha steals money, it will be recorded in CCTV camera. Kusum returns home and says they can watch CCTV footage on Kanhaiya’s laptop.

Pratap continues acting and says he will not go anywhere without Sasuma’s permission. Khatru asks Doctor to let Jammu kaka stay here. Doctor says when Jammu’s son wants to take him, why is he stopping. Man takes doctor to prepare discharge papers. Khatru returns and says that man is a human trafficker and will sell Pratap to someone, who will sell Pratap’s kidney and other internal organs. Pratap says let us run away. Man enters with doctor. Praap hide under bed. Peons keep bed aside. Pratap continues acting and runs away from hospital with Khatru. They get into someone’s car, which leaves to some unknown location.

Pratibha reaches shop and gives sari to salesman. Kunti asks to show footage soon. They both watch Pratibha stealing money. Kunti is shockd to see her bahu is a thief. She gathers all bahus and confronts Pratibha for stealing money and asks her to accept her crimes. Pratibha asks to listen to her. Kunti asks to say yes or no. Pratibha says yes but.. Kunti asks to pack her bag and go back to her parent’s house, she does not have place for a thief in here house.

Precap: Kunti informs bahus that Ghaziabad bua is coming to stay with them. Bua orders bahus to apply oil to her each hair strand. Pari cuts hair and applies oil to them.

Update Credit to: MA

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