Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti Doubts Panjiri

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 15th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Panjiri returns remaining 100 rs to Pratibha after buying grocery. Kunti writing expense list says she should deposit money in head branch here, not in main branch. Pratibha says until 3600 rs’ calculation is found. Sari picco/false lady comes shouting…. Panjiri asks Kunti to give her money to get picco done for sari. Kunti walks to picco lady and asks not to shout so much. Sarla calls Kunti and says Savita’s bahu has become commissioner. Kunti asks really she became police commsioner. Sarla says savita’a bahu showed extra expenses and stole money, so he became commissioner in that way. Picco lady asks 50 rs extra. Panjiri asks 50 rs from Kunti. Kunti continues listening to Sarla and asks Panjiri why she needs 50 rs extra. Panjiri says picco lady wants more

money. Kunti gives yelling and watches Panjiri. Panjiri gives money, but lady busy on phone asks her to sit. Kunti doubts Panjiri is commisioner of her house. After lady finishes chat, she asks Panjiri to give her money. Panjiri gives money. Kunti thinks she unnecessarily doubted Panjiri.

Pratap disguised as coolie insists a man to give him money for lifting his luggage. Man says he told he is acting as coolie. Pratap continues insisting. Kunti with Sarla passes by and sends man away after Pratap’s drama. Sarla asks Kunti who is commissioner of her house. Picco lady gives 50 rs note to a garland seller and buys garland. At home, Prarthana buys garlands while Pari does her jokergiri. Man asks money. Prarthana says she forgot money inside home. Panjiri brings money and gives it to garland seller who returns her same 50 rs note. Kunti enters and seeing note doubts Panjiri stole it showing extra expenses.

Kusum is in Kanhaiya’s shop in his absence, sleeping when Kunti calls her. Khatru wakes her up. She shows torn 100 rs and asks to exchange it from juice seller. Khatru says it is Kanhaiya’s note which went to tea shop, then to juice shop, then back here. Kusum asks how is he so sure. He says note’s last digits resemble Reshma’s mobile number. Kunti calls her again and asks to return home soon.

Kusum returns home. Kunti tells Panjiri is commisioner and stealing money. Kusum says Panjiri cannot. Kunti tells whole story. Kusum tells her story and says she cannot doubt Panjiri unnecessarily. Kunti tells tells her idea to catch Panjiri red-handed.

Precap: Kusum tells Panjiri that she saved 100 rs in groceries, they both can share 50 rs each without returning it to Kunti. Panjiri agrees. Kusum informs Kunti who says her bahu is commissioner.

Update Credit to: MA

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