Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kids unite Prarthana and Prema

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili asking Dhairya to come fast. Dhairya walks show on stairs. They come to Prarthana’s room and throws paper rocket on Chanchan. She reads that they have to make God Wali mummy and French Wali mummy befriend again. Chanchal signs them. Buddhi says now they shall go to Shakti, and says her plan will work to unite them. She asks Shakti if French mummy will come. Shakti says she will come. They see Prema coming. Shakti tells that she is egoistic, but now realized her mistake and apologizing. Buddhi says you will not get selected, as there is no emotion. Prema asks about it. Buddhi and Surili tell about the drama audition, but Shakti has no emotions and have just actions. Prema says she will teach them.

Chanchal asks Prarthana to check her hindi essay. Prarthana

checks and says what did you write. Dhairya says I told her not to hurry up. Prarthana says these mistake wouldn’t have happened, if you have concentrated on hindi also. Chanchal asks her to make the changes. Prarthana says I will write, but you have to tell what to write. She asks her to tell what to write. Prema asks Shakti to act like this and starts telling the apologetic lines.

Buddhi says we will make video and Shakti will rehearsal seeing it. Prema says ok and gives her phone. She says it is just my mistake that I fought with you, but my fake ego was stopping me. Prarthana writes letter as told by Chanchal. Prema apologizes. She says when we meet infront of each other then don’t talk about this, else I will realize my mistake again and cry again. Prarthana writes the same and asks her to hug her forgetting everything. Shakti says now I will watch the video and prepare. They get happy. Chanchal says she will submit the paper in school. Prarthana asks her to write in her hand writing. Dhairya asks Prarthana to sign so that Chanchal don’t submit it. Prarthana signs and goes.

Kanhaiya calls Kunti and asks when is she coming from Mumbai. He sees girls coming and asks if their fights resolved. Girls tell him that both mummies will end their fight. They send video message to Prarthana. Shakti gives letter to Prema. Prarthana watches the video. Prema reads the letter. They get emotional. Chanchal tells Buddhi that emotional attack is successful. Prema and Prarthana hug each other and apologize. Prema says it is nice to apologize and feel light. Prarthana says if you had not asked me then I wouldn’t have realized it. They tell each other about video message and letter. Prarthana says I didn’t send first. Prema says I didn’t send first. Kids get sad. Prema says its ok. Prarthana says I will bring your gulab jamun. Prema says I will bring khalakhand. Girls run behind them to get sweets of their choice.

Shakti and Chanchal recall Kanhaiya and Prema’s saying. They hug each other and say sorry. They all have sweets brought by their mums. Prarthana and Prema tell that they are happy. Kanhaiya appreciates them for having a fake fight to unite the kids. They see kids happily enjoying kids. Prarthana says I pray that nobody shall fight. Kids fight.

Surili and Shakti tell that they don’t want to have milk. Shakti asks her to throw it. Surili says else ghost will come, and tells about the bartan ghost. Shakti says there is nothing like ghosts and says school are taking us there. Panjiri says bartan bhoot takes such kids who don’t finish their milk. Haunted haveli is shown. Shakti and Surili drink water. Kanhaiya calls everyone and says one of us have done mistakes. Panjiri asks what happened? Kanhaiya says story was not right. Panjiri says she scared them so as to make them finish milk. Kanhaiya says even maiyya did this mistake and says I don’t believe on bhoot now, but feel scared. Pratibha says if we tell this to children then they will be afraid all life. Kanhaiya says we have to give right upbringing and says we shall not talk all these things.

Shakti takes her sisters to haveli and call Bhartan bhoot. Her sisters ask her not to take panga. Shakti provokes the ghost. The girls take her forcibly. Shakti tells ghost that she will come for the school project later. She tells that she will come.

Shakti comes to the haveli and sees the things which was stolen from the haveli in the paper. A man brings almari to kunti nivas and tells that it is from the haveli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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