Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti gets upset with Nani’s entry

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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha asking Shakti and Dhairya to solve the next mathematical problem. Dhairya says we have many rice bags in kitchen. They ask pratibha to leave them. Pratibha asks if they will tell teacher that they don’t want to do homework. Kunti asks them to study. Shakti says Nani came. Kunti asks them to finish their home work first. Pratibha checks the homework and says it is much, and says it will be done. Kunti asks them to do their home work.

Kanhaiya and Khatru are ready with their decorated statues. Khatru says his statue/mannequin is good. Kanhaiya asks them to show their statues. Khatru shows his statue. Kanhaiya scolds him. Kishan shows his nicely decorated statue. Kanhaiya likes it. Pari’s mum asks Pratibha to let kids study. Pratibha says sasumaa

said that home work shall be completed. Pari’s mum tells that today she will teach the kids how to do homework while playing. She tells Shakti and Dhairya that if they complete the HW then they will get 2 toffees. Shakti and Dhairya happily do the HW for the chocolates. Kishan praises his statue. Kanhaiya likes it. Shakti says I am done. Nani gives her chocolate. Dhairya says even I am done? Nani gives her chocolate.

Pratap asks Kunti to take a handful of water and get drown in it. They argue. Pratap asks her to come and see Nani ruling on kids. Both Shakti and Dhairya are doing their homework nicely to get chocolates. Pratibha appreciates her idea. Pratap makes Kunti see this and asks her to handle her chair. He asks her to clean her specs and see the future. Kunti looks on.

Kanhaiya asks Khatru to check the time. Khatru says 5 pm. Kanhaiya scolds him and asks him to bring tea. Khatru says I forgot and will go and bring. Kishan brings tea for Kanhaiya. Khatru says Bhaiyya don’t drink Munna’s tea, he drinks Jagat tea stall tea. Kishan says he brought it from there, it is like what he wants. Kanhaiya drinks and says it is perfect. Kunti gets scared thinking about Pratap’s words. She thinks she won’t let Nani successful. She recalls kids asking them to tell some suryaman story. She thinks to tell them Suryaman story to kids in the night. She thinks to win their heart and reads it. She thinks girls like such type of stories. She reads it although she doesn’t like such illogical story. Meanwhile Nani becomes Surya man and enacts the story. Kids gets happy. Kunti comes to the girl’s room and sees Nani enacting the scene while telling the girls. Kunti checks the story in the book while Nani tells the story. She gets hurt as Nani’s hand touches her. Nani says sorry and asks if she came to tell them story. Kunti says no and tells that she came to call kids for prayer. Kids don’t want to go, but go on Kunti’s insistence. Kunti folds her hand and asks God to give them some mind and keep them blessed. Girls say the same, and says they are in a hurry. Buddhi says Dadi’s time is finished, now it is Nani’s time. Kunti thinks she won’t let Nani win.

Kunti tells about Dadi VS Nani. She tells that she will hide and wants kids to search her. Pratibha sees Kunti and tells her that Nani is making food for kids.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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