Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya devices a plan to nab muhnochwa

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti panics that Muhnochwa will attack her as her husband escaped from Muhnochwa’s attack. Pratap comments against Kunti as usual. Kanhaiya says Chaurasia mama told fake story that Muhnochwa failed to attack papa and will attack maiya instead now. They watch news where anchor says if not husband, Muhnochwa will attack wife now, he has written it on all walls, let us see how Kunti will escape. He had already told Kunti to get havan done, his brother is a teacher and does havans in the evenings, he can give his number. Pratap says havan is done for dead people. Kunti scolds him to shut up.

Kunti panics that Muhnochwa will attack her for sure. Pari does her jokergiri. Kunti sees a dirty hand on main door and tries to close door. Pari joins her and tries to open door. Kunti shouts to close door. Man shouts it is her brother Chaurasia and forcefully enters. Whole family gathers. Kunti asks what happened to him. He says he he was walking afraid of Muhnochwa when he slipped and fell into dirt. Kunti continues panicking. Kanhaiya promises that whole family will protect her.

Kanhaiya with all Pratibha, Prema, Pari, Pratap, and Kusum wait outside house to catch Muhnochwa. Their jokergiri starts. Pratap delivers his usual dialogues. Muhnochwa says they should make someone act as Kunti and catch Muhnochwa. Pratap excitedly asks who will act as Kunti. Kanhiya wiggles Pratap’s cheeks. Pratap panics he will not, Muhnochwa will scratch is face. Kanhaiya says when he can act for others, why not for Maiya. Pratap agrees and disguised as Muhnochwa walks outside house and shouts saale sahab.. Kanhaiya says he is wearing bluetooh earphone, so can hear him and should not shout. Pari’ jokergiri starts. Kanhaiyaa asks them to call him, and if phone does not work, they can beat thali, he will rush to capture Muhnochwa.

In house, Kunti prays Bhole to protect her from Muhnochwa. Panjiri and Prarthana panic trying to protect her. Kunti prays Bhole to protect these 2 first. On road, Pratap sees red eyes in dark and shouts. Pratibha joins her and tries to call Kanhaiya. Phone does not connect. Pratibha asks Pari to beat thali. Pari instead of beating thali dances around Pratap. Kanhaiya hears Pratap’s voice on bluetooth earphone and rushes to catch Muhnochwa. Muhnochwa escapes. They all discuss Muhnochwa must have gone home as maiya is alone. Muhnochwa is seen opening house gate and entering in..

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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