Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Pari’s mum comes to Kunti Nivas

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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti scolding Dhairya for having chocolates and asks her to learn something from Balak Bablu and says you will be punished for lying to me. She says you will not have chocolate for a month now. Dhairya gets tensed. Kunti asks them to go and sleep. Buddhi says Dadi have become strict. Shakti asks her sisters not to do any mischief. Dhairya thinks my chocolate. Kanhaiya scolds Khatru for going home early and coming to shop late. Khatru tells him that he is not rich like him to stay in a palace and have to wait in queue to go to bathroom. Pratap comes indisguise of a robot and talks like a robot. Prema opens the door and lets the kids inside. Buddhi and Chanchal asks Prema about Kunti. Prema says Dadi went to market, even I have to go. Chanchal thinks Dadi is in market,

so we will enjoy. She takes out shoes on the floor and tells that Dadi scolds them often. Kunti comes and hears her. Buddhi gets scared and leaves.

Kanhaiya asks Khatru to mend his ways for better and goes upset. Chanchal scolds Buddhi for not informing her. buddhi says I tried to alert you, but you didn’t listen. Shakti asks them to go out and fight as they have to set the table, Dadi will come in half an hour. Buddhi says Dadi has become strict. Shakti says who will save us from Dadi’s anger and says superhero comes in these days. Chanchal shows the magazine. Buddhi, Shakti and Chanchal pray to God to send superhero for them. Shakti says who saves us from Dadi’s discipline and bring the storm. Door bell rings as a lady comes there. Surili tells her sisters that Dadi called them. Shakti says Dadi’s Dadigiri will go on. Pari’s mum comes there. Pari hugs her and says my mummy came. Pari asks if papa came? Her mum says Nahi….Pari says no problem, you have come. The girls see Pari’s mum and run to her calling her Nani. Kunti comes and greets her, and asks her to sit. She asks how are you? Pari’s mum jokes and says she is good. Kunti asks kids to take her blessings. Pari’s mum blesses them and says I thought to surprise kids as I didn’t do ATM since long. Kunti asks if she came to draw money. Pari’s mum says she is talking about nice meeting. She takes out chocolates and gives to kids. Dhairya is hesitant to take and says Dadi will scold me. Kunti says she eats kilos of chocolates. Pari’s mum says today Nani have come, let her eat it. Kunti signs Dhairya to take it. The girls thank Pari’s mum. Pari’s mum says they are looking good and says God shall keep them from evil eyes. She asks kids not to be scared from Dadi as Nani have come. The girls get happy.

Kanhaiya scolds Khatru and tells that Chowki’s order is reached. Khatru says who did the work. A man comes and tells that he delivered the sarees to chowki and tells that two sarees are defective. Khatru asks who is he? Kanhaiya says he is Kishan and says he will work here from here. Kishan gives his mobile to Kanhaiya and says he will not use it in shop. He tells about his values taught by his father. Kanhaiya scolds Khatru for romancing with Reshma on phone always. Kishan says I will work now. Pratap tells Khatru that he can see him leaving from the shop. Khatru gets tensed.

Pari’s mum asks Kunti to come to her house. Shakti and Chanchal fight over the game. Kunti scolds them and asks them to go out and play. The girls argue. Kunti says I will tell who has won and who has lost. Chanchal and Shakti tell that you don’t know how to play this game. Kunti says who will explain this game. Pari’s mum says I know and tells Chanchal that Shakti is not cheating and asks her to give 500 Rs game money. Chanchal says Nani knows all. Pari’s mum says she has a room full of board games. Shakti says Dadi doesn’t know many games and asks her to play. They take pari’s mum with them. Kunti is upset.

Kanhaiya scolds Khatru and asks him to clean the statue. Kishan asks where is the statue and tells about his father’s teaching. He says he shall think statue as a human and customer as God, and then only shop will work. Khatru says I will do the work. Kishan says I will do. Khatru asks him to go to side. Kanhaiya asks them to clean and decorate one statue each.

Kunti gets jealous seeing Nani mingling with kids much. Pratap tells Kunti that Nani is heavy on her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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