Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 11th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti is Muhnochwa’s next target

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 11th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Panjiri saying you have done a work of courage. Chaurasiya tells that he went to get oil that day, but rickshaw guy gave him torn note, he tried to stop him and fell down. He says kerosene oil fell down and he tried to set it off using a stick. He doesn’t know if Munocha was there or not, but people came there and thought he made Munocha ran. He says Govt announced for 11000 reward so that’s why I kept silent, but he didn’t get anything and have spent 12000 visiting court. Kunti says you have risked your life. Chaurasiya Mama says you will tie Rakhi to whom? Pratap asks him not to take tension. Pari asks Kunti to tie Muhnochwa’s hand. Pratap says Muhnochwa will give 500 Rs. Chaurasiya says it is a big mess, Muhnochwa will come and will not leave me. He fears for their life. Kunti asks him to run away and hide in Shimlas or in the mountains. Chaurasiya says I have to go out to go there. Kanhaiya says Inspector didn’t tell about your address.

Just then they hear news, reporter tells that Muhnochwa attacked two men whose name is Chaurasiya. Pan seller tells that Muhnochwa attacked him as his name is Chaurasiya. Reporter says we got the answer where is Chaurasiya and tells that real Chaurasiya is Kunti Devi’s brother and staying in her house. Chaurasiya says I am dead. Reporter says DCP left to Kunti’s house to meet Chaurasiya. DCP comes to Kunti’s house and tells that he wants to reward him on the occasion of 15th August, and tells that he will trap Muhnochwa when he comes to scratch his face. He asks them to come. Pratap says if Muhnochwa scratches Mama’s face then will you give reward to me. DCP goes. Prema talks to her mum and tells about Mama. She shouts seeing Pari standing with her face scratch. Everyone comes. Pari laughs and tells that it is Muhnochwa’s mask. She says everyone shall apply it when going there. Pratap says Muhnochwa will think how to kill already dead person. Kunti gets an idea.

Reporter tells about the function to reward Chaurasiya. DCP asks Inspector to keep eye on all the mohalla. Kunti asks Chaurasiya Mama to announce that he was not the one who made Muhnochwa run. She asks him to take some dead person’s name. Muhnochwa is keeping eye on them. Chaurasiya Mama goes to stage and tells that he was not the one who made Muhnochwa’s eloped and tells that he was someone else. He thinks whose name to take. Chandu Reporter asks who was he? Chaurasiya says Kailash nath Paanchal was the one who made Muhnochwa go and deserves this prize. Kunti, Kanhaiya and others are shocked.

Chaurasiya tells Muhnochwa that Kailash Nath Paanchal is dead and asks if he will take revenge from his pic. He tells remedies to lower Munocha’s anger and goes off stage. DCP asks Kunti to come on stage and receives the medal. Kunti receives medal and reward. She is scared so is her family. Kunti scolds Chaurasiya for taking her husband’s name. Chaurasiya says you had said to take some dead person’s name. Kunti says you didn’t stop there and took Kanhaiya and my name. Just then Sarla comes there shockingly. Pratibha says she must have seen TV. Kanhaiya says Muhnochwa can’t take revenge from pita ji. Sarla says I came to tell that and asks them to come out. They all come out of house and see message of Muhnochwa. Pratap reads, if not husband then he will take revenge from his wife Kunti. They are shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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