Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya To Marry Buffalo Pushpa

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanhaiya’s wives insist Kanhaiya to look at buffalo Pushpa’s photo once. Kunti asks them not to pester lalla, he has agreed to marry Pushpa. She gives laddoo and says tomorrow they will perform would bride and groom’s engagement. Pratap’s jokergiri continues. Kusum scolds her.

Kunti with family reaches buffalo’s house for engagement. She asks Kanhaiya to look at buffalo once. Pratap does his jokergir disguised as mobile and praises trikaldarshi baba, asks his friend to get ta. Friend says Poonam will bring tea only if Pushpa buffalo permits. Pushpa grunts/moos. Panjeri says she gave consent and asked her sister to bring tea. All bahus pull Kanhaiya’s legs. Kunti says man let would be groom and bride spend some time alone. They all leave.

Kanhaiya chats with Pushpa and imagines romancing her. Out of imagination, he sees his family in front. Pratap jokes if he was wandering with Pushpa on valley. Kunti gives shagun to buffalo’s owner and says tomorrow they will perform Pushpa’s mehandi ceremony at her house. Man agrees.

Pari and Prema go to artificial jewelry shop to buy jewelry and makeup item for Pushpa. Jokergiri starts. Pushpa goes missing. They both search Pushpa calling her. They find Pushpa finally and get confused seeing another buffalo, think if they are seeing twin Pushpa, how will they find out which one is real. Pari says can identify Pushpa with her sound. Both buffalo’s grunt. Pari says she has Pushpa’s photo and asks which one has black mole. Prema scolds her. Pari’s jokergiir continues. Prema asks buffaloes to give some whole, who is Pushpa. She gets an idea and shows Kanhaiya’s photo. One buffalo grunts. Prema says this is Pushpa.

Khatru sends Pushpa’s photo to his girlfriend Reshma and says this is Kanhaiya’s 6th wife Pushpa. Kanhaiya enters with Pushpa. Khatru starts his jokergiri and shows saris to Pushpa.

Kunti with Panjeri and Pratap meets baba again and thinks if Baba is dad. Baba starts his jokergiri. Kunti informs she found buffalo for marriage, he should find wedding muhurath. Baba asks what is buffalo’s weight. Pratap jokes 2 kg more than Kunti. Baba says they should give grocery equal to buffalo’s weight, 51,000 rs, gold, etc. in charity. Pratibha gets suspicious and confronts baba. Baba gives muhurath and asks to perform wedding tomorrow afternoon.

Pratap performs on Mehandi Lagake Rakhna song.. during Kanhaiya and Pushpa’s mehandi ceremony.

Update Credit to: MA

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