Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Muhnochwa attacks Khatru

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Reporter telling about the creature Muhnochwa. He takes DCP and asks about Muhnochwa. DCP tells that it is difficult to tell and tells that may be he came to take revenge from someone. He tells that some brace man fought with him years back. Reporter asks who will get Meerut rid of Muhnochwa. Everyone watch the news on TV. Kunti says who could be this brave man. Pratap is going somewhere wearing alien’s clothes. Mama comes wearing saree and tells Kanhaiya that he has a good idea to stay far from Muhnochwa. He tells about weird idea. Pratap jokes. Mama tells that he has left his wife to her Mayka and came to his mayka. Kanhaiya says you would have brought Mami here. Mama asks if Panjiri saw him. Kanhaiya says it is all mind game, there is no such Muhnochwa. Mama looks on. Pratap asks for money. Mama whistles.

Kanhaiya talks to Chowksi Saheb and tells that he couldn’t sell even two sarees till now. Chowksi Saheb tells that Khatru haven’t reached till now. Kanhaiya says I will enquire. Khatru is going to chowksi Saheb’s house and is scared. Kanhaiya calls him and asks why you are taking so much time. Khatru says all the way is lonely and nobody is here. Muhnochwa is keeping eye on him. Khatru falls down. Kanhaiya calls again. Khatru shouts he saw Muhnochwa and tells that he is at some shop. Kanhaiya says I am coming there. He comes there with Kamal and Satish. Khatru tells him that he saw Muhnochwa’s hand also. Kanhaiya and others couldn’t find him. Khatru promises him that he said right. Kanhaiya says we shall see there. They go to other side, when Muhnochwa attacks Khatru. Khatru shouts in pain and shivers.

Kanhaiya and others come and are shocked to see Badla written there. He tells his family about Khatru’s condition and tells that he was treated in hospital and sent home. Kunti says only Police can tell with whom he wants to take revenge. They come to Police station with woman organization and insist DCP about the person with whom he wants to take revenge. Kusum says Maa has worn such a bad saree. Kunti asks DCP that he can’t tell her his name. Kunti says we have to save the city and not risk others’ life for him. DCP says we also don’t know. Kunti scolds him. DCP says we have his name in the file. He gets the file and tells the brave man who made Munocha run, was Ram Prasad Chaurasiya. Kunti and others are shocked. Chaurasiya Mama is shocked too. Kusum says name seems to be familiar.

Kanhaiya says Mama. DCP tells that Ram Prasad Chaurasiya is a lawyer by profession. Kunti comes home and apologizes to Chaurasiya. She says don’t know what to do? shall I ask God to save your life. She asks why didn’t you tell me that you was the one who made him run away. Chaurasiya says I didn’t know that you will be going to Police station. Pratibha and others tell that they are proud of him. Chaurasiya tells that he is afraid that Muhnochwa will take revenge from him and them.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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