Kuynki tum hi ho (Episode 1)

Hi guys… I am Meenakshi. I would like to write a f2f on combining three shows of star plus.
1. Tere sheher mein
2. Yeh Hein mohabbatein
3. Everest

I will introduce myself. I am studying in 9th standard. I am from kerala.

So here comes my ff……..

Basic look

Amaya, Mihir and Anjali are close friends… They r in college.

Mihika is a fashionista.
Akash is a flirted.
Mantu is a study man.

First day of college.

Here comes Amaya in her scooty. She is wearing a pink frock.m
She waits for Mihir and Anjali.

Here comes Aakash. He tries flirt with her.
She avoids him. He holds her hand.


Here comes Anjali. She stops her.
Aakash says thanks.

Anjali says keep your thanks to yourselves.

Mihika comes and says AKKY u..

Aakash ( AKKY ) : yeah me ..

They hug each other..

Mihika , u r such a lier.
U said u will not come.

A akash says no time the class is going to begin.

Mihika runs.
Just then Mihir comes

They bump into each other..

Mihika and Mihir fall down. They have an Eyelock..

PRECAP : MIHIKA Mihir friends. Amaya meets Mantu

  1. Hi… Me too from Keralaaa… Go ahead dear.. I love ff having Manyaaa.. Thakarkkuuuu?

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice yaar……….I am also from Kerala……. Go ahead………

  3. Hi, meenu.i am also from kerala. Keep rock it yaar.

  4. Hey meenu describe all the charecters because it will be easy to read

  5. Where are ishras scenes I only watch yeh hai mohabbatein I only like ishra no other characters

  6. Plz take any other serial instead of Yeh hai mohabbatein. Plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz. Good start. I like manya ff. But plz accept my request. Plzzzz

  7. yes ialso want to request u to choose any other serial in place of yeh hai mohobatein

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