Kundali Bhagya – New Episodes from 13th July 2020 – Promo

Karan and Preeta try to make a new beginning together. Preeta makes prayers for Karan’s career. Karan and Preeta struggle to fight with the conspiracies of their enemies. A man masking his face, gets to kidnap Rishabh. Preeta witnesses the crime. She wants to save Rishabh somehow. Rishabh gets trapped inside a dark house. He falls unconscious after the attack.

Preeta and Karan gear up to save Rishabh from the mysterious kidnapper. They aren’t aware of Rishabh’s whereabouts and try to reach him as soon as possible. Karan and Preeta’s huge struggle will be seen in the lockdown phase episodes. The show’s Lockdown Ke Kisse promo can be watched below.

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  2. how dare you catch the Preeta I said Many Times don’t do like that if do like this now see what I will do now keep it your mind Prithvi such plan I don’t like it at all impossible don’t talk to Sherlyn And Maira what happened to Rishabh change your Topic.
    Maira shut your mouth understood and you also Sherlyn you don’t talk to Maira so please try to understand that and than time if Rishabh gets upset for you Sherlyn be careful.
    Rishabh you Scold for Sherlyn to throw form the Luthra House don’t waste the time.
    Pragya will came to see your face Properly Maira And Sherlyn now itself.
    Pragya scold on you Properly for you Maira And Sherlyn if you talk like that to Preeta otherwise Pragya will be there for good news for you Maira And Sherlyn.
    Keep it up.

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