Kundali Bhagya FF – Made in heaven (Episode 3)

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i am here with another beautiful epiosde today , i hope you guys love it enjoy


( preeta and shrishti get of the train as it stopped in mumbai , preeta wishes to meet her mother soon as it’s only her and shrishti )

shrishti: wow di this is so beautiful , im going to start working and make all my dreams come true , this is the city of dreams

preeta( in heart ) : we have no where to go we have only 50 rupees , my little sister is hungry , oh god please show me a way

shrishti : di shall we go we need to look for jobs before evening

preeta : ha ha let’s go

( they leave with their bags and get out of the train station)

preeta : shrishti first you will go with me i can’t leave you alone

shrishti : okay di chalo

( they hear some men screaming ” thief ! thief!” and look back just to see a little baby chased by some men)

shrishti : oii why are you running after this innocent child

preeta : what did this kid do he is just a kid leave him alone

one man : ma’am he stole my boss’s money

preeta : okay but he is just a kid he doesn’t know what he is doing , tell me how much did he take i’ll pay you

the man : no ma’am he has it he should just give it back

a voice is heard at the back telling the man ‘ its okay let it be i’m getting late for the meeting let’s go , everyone turns around to see who it is

turns out to be none other than RISHABH LUTHRA

preeta looking at the kid : please just forgive him , he didn’t wish to do so maybe he is just hungry and wanted to buy food with it , im sorry from his side please keep this 50 rupees , then she looks at rishabh’s face

rishabh looks at preeta talking and is mesmerized with her and couldn’t take his eyes off her and was lost in her eyes that he didn’t even hear what the other man was saying ,

the all over sudden shrishti who was standing there screamed ( di ! shall we go ) the rishabh came back to reality and said to preeta

rishabh : it’s okay you can keep your money and your son can keep it

preeta : he is not my son

rishabh was happy knowing that she doesn’t have a kid

shrishti : di auto came let’s go

preeta left and rishabh kept looking at her

one man : sir shall we go

rishabh (in heart) : i wish to meet her again


arjun : good morning mum

sarla : good morning child , your sister is coming tomorrow

( the house phone rings , arjun picks it up )

the person on the line : hello

arjun : hello arjun arora speaking

the person on the line : hello bandru ( monkey ) pass the phone to mum

arjun: so it’s you ms good for nothing

he passes the phone to his mother

sarla : haa reema child how are you

reema : mum im good happy early birthday in advance , just letting you know that i’ll arrive tomorrow early in the morning

sarla : thank you child i love you and okay child i’ll send your brother to come and pick you up

reema : thank you mother can’t wait to see you i love you

she cuts the phone

sarla : shagun ( one of the workers) please get reema’s room ready my daughter is coming home soon

shagun : yes ma’am but she is coming tomorrow right ?

sarla: yes but she is coming early in the morning so she will be tired so get the room ready and put some freshers and everything as she likes

arjun : god looks like there won’t be peace at home from tomorrow

sarla : you gusy fight as much as you want but remember your sister will leave the house soon as i’ll look for a suitor that fits her life and takes care of her

arjun : cmon mum my sister is still young she will only get married when me and preeta get married i won’t let my sister leave the house she is still young and childish

sarla : ha beta but she should get married

arjun : bas mum topic ends there my other sisters will come and handle the business with me and get married when the right time comes

sarla : okay fine i just want my three daughters to come home

arjun : don’t worry i’ll find preeta and shrishti and papa , now i need to go to the office as i have a meeting ajit (the driver) please get the car ready he took his mother’s blessing and left

suddenly the light of the temple in the house turned off followed by heavy wind

sarla : oh god please don’t let anything happen to my kids please keep them safe


rakhi praying : oh god please bring a nice and kind girl to my rishabh’s life , please help me find a good wife for my rishabh and a good daughter in law for me who will brighten up my house

kareena bua : bhabhi you don’t worry , i will find a good suitor for our rishabh

rakhi : lekin kareena di will he even accept because he is always busy with work and business

kareena bua : you don’t worry leave that to me

rakhi : okay di i’ll go check mummji and maheshji

kareena bua in mind : i’ll fix rishabh and my friend sanjana’s daughter alliance then everyone in this house will respect me and listen to me after all i’m Kareena Luthra


a lady is pressing dadi’s leg and then karan comes in

karan : dadi do you know rishabh went to look for a physiotherapist for you and said that you are getting spoiled and that you need a physiotherapist and then laughs

dadi : oii you are laughing instead of talking to your brother tell him i don’t want a physiotherapist

the lady who was pressing dadi’s leg : ma’am don’t you want to walk and dance with your friends

dadi : ofc i want

the lady : then you should let a phsiotherapist come to you she will treat you and then you can dance as much as you want

dadi : okay fine and you karan don’t you have cricket training

karan : ha dadi i was just leaving

( then karan leaves saying bye to everyone )


sammy and kritika : rishabh bhaiya come we have the meeting in 5 minutes

( they all left for the meeting)

after a while rishabh gets a call and is shocked

the person on the call : hello we are calling from the city hospital Mr Arjun Arora met with an accident please come here fast

rishabh : okay doctor please don’t let anything happen to arjun we are just coming , guys our partner met with an accident meeting is over sammy please call sarla aunty kritika you please come with me

kritika and sammy : okay rishabh bhaiya

( as kritika and rishabh leavesammy goes to call sarla aunty )

sammy on call : please pass the phone to sarla aunty its very important

shagun : ma’am they are saying it’s an important call

sarla : okay give it to me

(shagun gives the phone to sarla )

sarla is SHOCKED and falls down


  1. Please unite rishabh and preeta in this ff… Tv pe to nahi dekh sake.. Isme hi sahi..

    1. Nooo please make preeran a couple 💑 they look good and love each other.

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