Kundali Bhagya 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Karan refuses to stand beside Preeta in the GrehPerwash

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Gaitri blesses them both mentioning that they may live a happy life, while explaining that problems arise in each and every family but now there work is finished so they must leave, Rishab thinks that he feels this is the start of a troublesome time but he is just hopeful that nothing wrong happens.
Maira thinks that she will make sure Karan throws her out of the house as just when the inspector leaves she will instigate Karan to the extent that she would be thrown out of the house, the inspector stops them all from saying that there is something really important which they would fulfil and it is the GrehPerwash, Karan mentions that there is no ritual of the kind of that in their family, Rishab however stops him saying that they follow the ritual as he was the one to be married and Sherlin did the GrehPerwash.
Gaitri also says that their NGO would have achieved a lot after the function of GrehPerwash in their house, Karan explains that he knows what kind of a person Preeta really is, The inspector says that she is a die hard fan of Karan however she cannot refuse to accept that he will treat Preeta with the respect which she deserves because if he doesnot do it then she will be forced to come and visit Preeta multiple times which she doesnot want to do, Ramona and Karina both try to question her however she explains that she is not afraid of them and has not enough time to listen and worry about their threats.
She goes to Rakhi demanding that she prepare the thali for the pooja as she is the mother in law of Preeta, she also orders Sherlin to go and set the room for both Karan and Preeta, Maira says that they have done it and she should just leave after witnessing the GrehPerwash, The inspector is not convinced saying that if they have not prepared for the GrehPerwash then how could they have prepared the room. Maira refuses to let her see the room as she is an outsider, Sherlin stops Maira saying that she would go and finalize the room, she also sends her constable after both Maira and Sherlin. She even orders Ganesh to help Dadi come with them.
Preeta thinks that her mother has given her the strength to fight for the right and so she will never stop fighting as she has her mother to stand with her. She will never let her mother bow after being ashamed of her.
Sarla is checking the phone, Shrishti wakes up asking if their phone has no issues with the connectivity, they explain that there is nothing wrong, Sarla sits back wondering if she has done the right thing to send her daughter in the house of the Luthra’s as they all like the den of a lion. Shrishti goes to sit with her saying that she should not worry as Preeta has gone to her own house and she must not forget that Preeta is also the daughter of a lioness and she will have the strength to fight for what is right.
Rakhi is searching for the Diya in the kitchen and is really stressed, then Karina comes asking what she is doing she mentions that she is searching for them, Karina says that they keep them in the cabinet beside the mandir. Karina says that she is stressed as she used to trust and love Preeta a lot but she has ruined her trust after bringing the people from NGO into their house so she will never trust her ever again. Karina explains that she must never become emotional when Preeta tries to emotionally blackmail her. Karina then mentions that they would have to go back with the Thali.
Mair and Sherlin are decorating the room, the constable leaves and Maira lies down on the bed exclaiming that it was supposed to be her who should have been with Karan however Preeta has ruined everything, Sherlin tries to make her sit however she refuses, the constable comes ordering that she sit up as she was ordered to decorate the room, Sherlin stops her explaining that Maira got dizzy so she would help her, they then start decorating the bed with rose flowers, Maira pinches her finger then realizes that she could also throw the needles on the bed, she tries doing it but the constable warns that she should do things that would have her arrested.
Dadi asks Kartika to take her to her room, Sameer thinks that he can now call Shrishti as otherwise she would be really angry with him, Dadi asks what he is thinking about to which he cannot answer as she orders that he come with her, Kartika says that he wants to witness what is happening in the hall. They are talking when Ganesh comes saying that she is calling Dadi however she declines saying that she would not come as she cannot witness anymore of the drama, Ganesh explains that she is being called to give her blessings to Preeta however Dadi says that she is not the member of their family and they both should stop laughing, Ganesh explains that it is the inspector who is calling her so she has to come, Kartika explains that if they don’t go then it would create more problems so Dadi agrees to go with her.
Sameer hugs Ganesh mention that he is also happy that Preeta is coming back as she will make sure that every problem that is in their family is solved, they both go to get the Thali for the Greh Prewash.
Gaitri asks Preeta why she is standing inside the house, she gets worried to which the inspector mentions that she must go out of the house only then will they be able to perform the GrehPerwash. Karan is with Rishab saying that Preeta is really clever as she is doing all those things which she wants to do but he will never let her succeed. He sees to Rishab who is smiling, Rishab says that he doesnot believe him. Rishab says that Karan was sure that the inspector would take his side, but she is only doing what is right as otherwise it would be meaningless.
Rishab says that he is proud of Karan however he leaves and stands in front of Preeta, Sameer and Ganesh bring the thali for the pooja.
The Constable orders that Maira take out the needles which she has laid on the bed, Maira refuses to accept that she has done anything wrong but the constable says that if she doesnot follow her orders she would have her arrested, Maira takes them out and leaves the room in anger, she also orders that Sherlin leave the room as she is suspicious of her actions, she also gets frustrated with her.
Preeta asks Karan to come and stand with her as they both would perform the GrehPerwash together, he refuses to accept her proposal saying that he will not perform any rituals with her and she should do them alone, the inspector asks why he would not do it as he is the husband of Preeta, still Karan is adamant to not stand with her which angers the inspector who orders that they arrest everyone in the Luthra family.

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  1. What is the harm in letting the Luthra family learn a lesson..??We’re over 700 episodes into this show… aargh..ekta we get the point now….its very exhausting..whatever the rest of the script entails just burn them ..

  2. You are right lamu, these epusides dont make sense in fact they are so oredictable you can see it in khumkhum bhagya, quaban hua, ishiq suban allah etc. Yes people are fedup this is the 20th centuary, the old kapoor era is gone and at least upgrade, play a mirepisitive serials, where people get justice and police in india arenit bought by the rich and powerful, also teach the world that women are to be respected nit treated like pieces of comodities, men can sell and buy ir throw around even dump them, a good writer helps to shape society in a good way not having relationships that are so detoxing disrespectful, and oresenting them as love, also men are presented as dull beings karan acts like a 7year old boy with big brother throwing tuntrums everytime, he acts confused,
    Surely you are not telling us that a grown boy like karan does not know what true love is?
    Rap up this story cause it has lost its purpose.
    Learn from writer and actor of black panther, the late Chad, these are oeople who think about society and the world when writing or acting. Please rewrite all yiur stories or get help from a creative 17 year old student they will give life to all your series on the cheap, but it will be better stories, because the writer of aapke ajanese ruined a very good story, i jyst hooe someday someone will rewrite it better.
    Any my thoughts.

  3. This serial has become overdramatic and boring….pls bring it to a good track

  4. Karan this maira she didn’t her planned to push the mahesh in the steps Hunderd percent that only maira didn’t her planned I know that I can see the maira face Properly.
    karan that dr preeta she didn’t do anything for you Karan Please try to understand that Karan.
    karan you tell to maira get out form Luthra House don’t waste the time.
    Rishabh this sherlyn she didn’t her planned to push the mahesh in the steps Hunderd percent that only sherlyn didn’t her planned I know that I can see the sherlyn face Properly I know that.
    Rishabh this sherlyn she went to meet prithvi Malhotra.
    Rishabh you tell to sherlyn get out form Luthra House don’t waste the time.
    Mahesh please try to opened the eyes you can see the family because of maira and sherlyn.

  5. Yh please just try to understand us .. because we are great fun of this show

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