Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarla rejects the fake letter

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The episode starts with Sarla reminding Karan of his promise to protect Preeta and always keep her happy. Preeta remarried her husband, and it does not matter as nothing was wrong in it. Dadi says they do not accept the marriage. Sarla says Dadi was not there, so she does not accept the marriage. She herself was not in the second wedding, she does not accept it. But this all never matters. They are still married. She had asked Pandit ji that Karan was under veil if the marriage is legitimate. Pandit ji told her that they have taken the vows and are now married. Rakhi also did Preeta’s grahpravesh. Sherlin objects that it was forced. Sarla asks what about this reception, and rituals; they have to live in the society and belongs here. She forbids Sherlin to interfere again.

Maira now takes the lead and says she can speak. She tells Sarla she is defending Preeta here but her own mother is silent. This is because there is a big class difference between them. Sarla lives in neighborhood where petty matters are elaborated. Maira says no one else is saying a single word. Sarla says she can not expect anything from anyone, but she believes Karan will speak for Preeta. Karan says this party was given for Preeta, but where she is. She has left. Sarla was in disbelief. Karan hands Sarla the letter. Maira grabs the letter and reads it aloud. Maira says she went to the room and found this letter and saree in Preeta’s room. Rishab asks Karan if this is why he hugged him?

Ramoona asks if Sarla would still claim that her daughter is best for the family. Kareena speaks against Preeta. Sherlin says Preeta has shown her real face again. She ran away with Prithvi. Karan shouts in fury that Preeta has run away.

Pawan and goons force Preeta around the Mandap. The Pandit requests Preeta to save her. He does not know the mantra of wedding, he is a Pandit of Shamshanghat. Pawan will kill him if he forbids this.

Pawan puts on sehra on Prithvi’s face. He asks Janki if she likes his brother as a groom. Janki says he looks like a goon, just like his brother. Pawan tells Janki that his brother must be equally hated her. He forces Janki on a seat and tells his men to keep an eye on her. They now carry the unconscious Prithvi to the mandap. Shrishti watches this from a window. Pawan now tells Pandit to hurry up and perform wedding mantra. Preeta wonders how she must stop this wedding. Preeta says this wedding cannot take place, the groom is unconscious. She tells Pawan that the groom must be at least conscious. Then she will marry him. Pawan was happy and helps Prithvi on a sofa.

Karan goes inside. Sarla follows Karan but Maira stops Sarla. Sarla forbids Maira take her daughter’s name. Shrishti wish Maira must go behind Karan and stop him. Maira runs behind Karan. Kareena questions Sarla where her daughter is. She ran away with her lover.
In the corridor, Karan thinks about Maira and Sherlin accusing Preeta. Maira reaches there. She apologizes Karan and says she was extremely upset. She never intended all this. Karan turns to leave. Maira stops Karan saying Preeta is not here. She is here in the house for him. Karan forbids Maira to touch him, he is married. He is sure Preeta can not run away with anyone. He does not care what anyone says about Preeta, but he is sure that she can not leave her. Maira was bitter that even Karan stood with Preeta.

In the hall, Sarla speaks to Rakhi that Preeta accepts her as a mother. She loves everyone from the family. Kareena was assertive that Preeta disgraced them all. Everyone else accuse Sarla of being shameless. Sherlin says Maira saved their family’s respect but Preeta left no chance. Sarla says she can give her good replies if she wishes to. Rishab stops Sherlin from interfering, what pain is caused to her. Everyone wants to prove themselves right. No one wants to solve the matter here. He tells Sarla to speak to Rakhi. Sarla opens the letter and says this is not Preeta’s writing. She recognizes Preeta’s hand-writing. Maira claps from behind.

Pawan sends Gabbar to bring some medicine and black coffee to bring Prithvi to consciousness. Preeta was trying to burn the rope in her hand. Shrishti was determined to help.

PRECAP: Sarla blames Maira for creating the fake letter. Shrishti goes to Preeta. Pawan says now they will enjoy a proper wedding.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Mona146

    karan is idiot and maira is insane

  2. Mona146

    kuch bhi yaar kitne dino se story yahi pe atki padi hui hain

  3. how long more will they prolong this nonsense,

    Sherlin is pregnant since last year and we are at the 10 month of a new year and she is still pregnant.

    1. Yes its more than 1 yr she is pregnant. Makers think ppl are fool that ppl will nt take into consideration about it . She always seen wiz sareen flat belly

  4. This serial is bordering on absurdity now.. A guy who is said to have feelings for her, yet jumps at the first oppurtunity to believe anything that is said against her.. Preeta is another idiot who still goes behind that family despite the numerous times they have insulted her and her mother.. This is the first I’ve come across in any serial where even after 10 months of the serial, the lady despite being pregnant is not even showing a little bit… Instead of solving even a single mystery, the makers are just trying to build up more and more plots and bring in more characters in between.. All this is not showing Preeta as a strong person. It just shows how weak she is that she is fine with the way the whole Luthra family insult her always and never gives back.. Karans love for preeta is a Joke! And finally, how many days does ONE EVENING party go on for??

    1. I agree with you..these female producer has really embarrassed us..she only had one job to do..may she come across the comment section even if it’s in her dreams perhaps she will snap out of these fantanasy and free us from this madness ..

  5. neilmatie pooran

    I have stopped looking at this nonsense it just degrades the lives of Indian people

  6. Why didnt Shristi call the police, where is Sameer? Why doesnt Sarla or Karan call the police if they believe that Preeta cannot leave like that? This show makes the main characters look so dumb.

    1. Abubakar Ibrahim

      you are very correct. why don’t Janki, Shristi call police?

  7. Um with you guys

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