Kundali Bhagya 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Manisha gets drunk

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Rishab tries to calm whop is constantly crying, Rishab says that she must bot worry as everything will be okay, Shrishti says that she is very worried because she had bought the mobile on installments, Rishab says that she can buy it on the Big Billion day, She gets excited and leaves, Rishab thinks of preparing questions for Manisha.
Rakhi s very angry at Prithvi and asking constantly of what happened but he doesn’t say anything and keeps quiet, she starts to wake Rithwick , Prithvi runs away and then seeing the rod thinks of hitting Rakhi with 9ot and either it will make her get unconscious or will kill her, he the thinks that something will happen to him if she dies because she is the mother of both Karna and Rishab and then they will eventually get to him, Rakhi comes to him and again

asks after that he says that he is trying to think of how to get him back to his conscious, she is not convinced and is adamant that Prithvi did something wrong but he gets angry and is about to say everything, Prithvi then realizes and starts to turn the things around, he makes excuses that he was working very hard and that Rishab and Shrishti also said a lot of things to him, she apologizes to him and he thinks that he is very clever, she ask what is the matter to which he says that he is thinking of beating herm, she gets confused.
Karina is walking when Dadi and Mahesh come and ask her to jeep calm as otherwise things will get very awkward, she also agrees and they all start the game, Shrishti is very happy, Sameer gets amazed as to how is she so happy, he gets a massage from Rishab asking him and Shrishti to come to his room, he goes and tells this to her who is very happy, when he asks she says that she is going to buy a new mobile.
Manisha is getting a hangover, she cannot understand why this is so, then realizes that Karan mixed something in the drink that he gave her, she thinks that she will get in a lot of trouble if she gets drunk, Prithvi is not with her, she gets angry at him for not being with her and also thinks that Sherlin is of no use as she is only interested in Prithvi.
Preeta and Karan are standing, she says that she feels very happy to see that Manisha is drunk, he says that she really thinks that she got drunk, they both start to discuss about what is happening in Manisha life as she is very smart and as soon as she gets awake and then they will find it very difficult to interrogate her, she gets really excited and is about to leave but Karan pulls her away when she is about to leave and hugs her tightly, she gets shocked thinking of what happened to him, when she asks he says that he is very happy to have a friend like her because she did so much for him and now days even the loved ones do not do things like this, he starts to appraise her, and start to cry, she makes fun of him and then leaves saying that she finds him really cute now, she did not see him like this ever and is very amazed, she leaves, Karan is still looking at her.

Rakhi comes and asks Dadi for medicines, Mahesh says that he will not let them get away with anything, they start to argue at which Dadi says that she was the one who got him married, Rakhi leaves.
Sherlin is looking for Prithvi, he is with Rithwick and says that if Rakhi came back with the medicine then she will wake him up and he will get into trouble, just then Rakhi comes and asks him to make him lie on the bed, then when she is about to give the medicine, Prithvi gets a call from Sherlin but is not picking it because Rakhi is standing in front of him. Sherlin is walking when she sees Prithvi, she goes in and is shocked to see Rithwick lying on the bed.

Precap; Preeta says to everyone that the night is very important for them as they will uncover the truth regarding Manisha. Rakhi sees Prithvi and Sherlin hugging each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Don’t kill Rakhi whatever you do! Don’t let Rakhi died!

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