Kundali Bhagya 9th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shrishti haunted by the goons

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Shrishti wakes up still afraid in the room.
Neil-the corporator comes home with his goons and calls Sarla. Shrishti watches Neil and hurries back into the room. She felt disturbed, Janki was pitiful over her.
Neil asks Dadi for water. Dadi says she would soon bring it, but Neil says he is young and would bring it for her as well. Dadi stops him by holding his hand. Neil was irked and warns her not to interrupt in his matter. Preeta brings the tea for Dadi and was shocked to see Neil. Dadi sends her inside but Neil stops Preeta and says he came to meet her. Sarla stood at the door behind and comes to stand between him and Preeta. Neil touches her feet. Sarla strictly asks why he came to her house? Neil says today he is going to do a very good act. They return Preeta’s dupatta. He says they found it outside, may be fallen from roof. Sarla again inquires why they came in. He asks for some alms and leave after Sarla intrigues him.
Outside, Neil tells his goons that girl wasn’t Preeta. She silently took the dupatta from him and was calm. If it was Preeta, her fear must have reflected in her eyes but it didn’t. Moreover the girl was much taller than Preeta. He doubts it was Preeta’s sister. Neil’s goons say Preeta’s sister is really cunning, and she was the one who had a fight with Sanju as well. Neil decides to kidnap her from Mata’s Jag-rata.
At home, Sarla asks why Shrishti is nervous and is sitting her. Shrishti makes up she only felt like sitting here. Sarla was feeding Janki and tells her about Neil. She says she only forbid her daughters to not mingle with them on purpose. After Sarla has left, Shrishti cries that Sarla was right, those men are really dangerous.
Sherlin calls Prithvi an idiot, she was afraid that Prithvi was trapped. At least he could have taken her on his side, why kill her. Prithvi reminds he was caught between her and Tapsi, she was also fighting with him. He tells Sherlin the goons have demanded money from him and won’t do anything.
Sarla was ready to go for Pooja. Preeta was also ready but Shrishti walks out doomed, and says she doesn’t feel like going. She never understands the Pooja or Aarti. Sarla asks what the problem is. Shrishti says she has a severe head ache. Dadi decides to let Shrishti stay back, and tells her to get the medicine and sleep. Sarla goes to bring the medicine but Shrishti says she already had the medicine. Sarla leaves to stop the auto. Preeta stops Shrishti asking if she had a fight with Sameer. Shrishti denies. Preeta was suspicious of her intentions.
At Luthra house, preparations for pooja were complete. Mahesh comes to the Pandit asking what the benefit of Pooja is. Pandit says it brings blessings and peace at home. Rishab and Karan come there and asks Mahesh why he is upset. Rakhi comes there, Karan jokes that marrying Rakhi was the biggest mistake of his life. Rakhi warns Mahesh if he doesn’t intently do pooja he will lose his blessings and peace both; i.e his bedroom and she and he must sleep in the lounge then.
Back at home, Shrishti was haunted by Neil’s determination to find her.
Akshay and family was welcomed at Luthra house. Akshay looks around for Kratika. Kratika comes to greet her parents in law. Mahesh says one has to touch the feet of a husband as well, they all laugh while Akshay nods at Kratika. Kareena introduces Akshay to Pandit. Pandit wish Akshay sits with Kratika in pooja. Karan and Rishab come to meet Akshay. Prithvi also arrives.

Precap: Karan tells Preeta he always save her whenever she is about to fell down, because I…. I… I…

Update Credit to: Sona

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