Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Karan look for Sherlin

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Kundali Bhagya 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prithvi stops Preeta, he says that she really matters to her and he only came to the hospital for her and Karan was just talking rubbish, he says that she must listen to him, Karan says that he is just wasting time, Prithvi says that when he came here he called his mother saying that he saw Preeta with Karan and came to talk about his health, when he is about to call her, Karan stops him and says that why not they all go inside, Preeta agrees, Prithvi fears that his truth will come because the doctor hates him, he tries to stop her but she says that they will go inside, then they both will not be able to fight in the hallway, he thinks that if he goes inside ten the doctor will recognize him and he leaves then iot will be proven that he is with Sherlin.
They go inside and Preeta calls the doctor, Karan also thanks her for siding with them, he says that now she can tell them that Prithvi is the father of Sherlin’s child, Preeta also says that the doctor agreed to help them and now she must , the doctor does not say anything and getting curious they turn her chair, the doctor is unconscious, they all gets amazed and think who can do such thing, Preeta says that this was all planned because the doctor was about to show her the face of her patient, she said that sometimes the patients change their names, She says that she would have if she did not hear them fight, she is about to fight when Karan stops her and says that they must search the cabin, they look everywhere but are unable to find her, when they both stop Karan says that did she look in the cupboard and when they are about to open the door, Bhavna comes and starts yelling, they both try to calm her but she doesn’t listen and runs to call the doctor, they follow her and she calls the doctor, he also recognizes Preeta and comes with them.
Prithvi takes Sherlin out and asks as to why did she do this kind of a thing, they are in the hospital and not in their houses, she says that the doctor was going to tell everything to Preeta, she has to do something and so she stopped her, Prithvi seeing her cry calms her down, he says that she did a wonder full job, this kind of a Doctor deserves such treatment, he hugs her, she says that this was the first time that he appreciated her, they both hug when he sees them coming and pushes her back in the cupboard.
The doctor enters and after checking says that it is weird as she is not responding to their Preliminary treatment, Preeta says that they must take her to the ward and they move her. Sherlin thinks if they check the cupboard again then they will not be able to deny anything, Prithvi and everybody else leave the room with the doctor.
Rakhi calls Karan for lunch and goes to check on him, she sees Sherlin’s photo and picks it up, Sameer sees her and thinks that it must have fallen down when he was coming from the bathroom, he see that it is his fault and he will be the one to correct it, Sameer asks about the problem, Rakhi hands him a photo of Sherlin, he smiles at which she gets confused and asks him as to what the matter is. She says that she is afraid about the relationship between Karan and Sherlin, that what will happen after the marriage, Sameer says that there will be no marriage, she gets angry and says that Rishab was very happy on their engagement, he thinks that he was only happy that day and not afterwards, she asks him about the matter he says that he feels that Karan does not like her dressing sense, she says that Sherlin is a very modern girl, she says that Karan is a true Indian by heart , Rakhi also smiles and says that she knows it and also knows that he loves Karan.
Rakhi gets angry saying that he doesn’t care that she is worried and is talking nonsense, he says that Karan loves her brother’s wife, she asks him as to why did he tear the photo, Sameer says that he does not like Sherlin’s dressing style to which she says that she is really relieved that it is not hatred, as it is depicted by a tiered photo, she leaves and Sameer thinks as to what di he do, now Rakhi will go and call Karan and he will come and start hitting him.
Karan comes back and starts looking everywhere for Sherlin but is not able to find her, she changes her hiding location, this gets him really frustrated.

Precap: Sherlin finds a chance and tries to run away, Prithvi sees her and thinks that both Preeta and Karan will see her, their plan will end.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rashmi Mishra

    Highly irritating and Ekta Kapoor has a super talent of dragging the story. When a story needs 10 episodes to show the drama, she can drag it to 100.I used to like this soap but now have lost interest as I know nothing will happen except dragging and nonsense.

    1. You are 150% correct! In used t love this show now it’s just another Kumkum Bhagya. What a waste of the talent on this show!

  2. Ekta has no talent!!! Stupid plots that don’t make sense

  3. There is nothing except Karan in this story. Irritating now.

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