Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan receives the notice sent by Preeta

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Rishab explains that Preeta has sent a notice against Karan, Karina asks about the details, Rishab is not able to believe that Preeta would be able to do such a thing, Karina takes it from him and so starts to read it, Sherlin wondered why they both are like this as now they should have started to create a scene.
Dadi asks what has happened. Karina explains that she always said that Preeta was not a good person, she has demanded alimony from Karan, she wants 5 lac rupees from them, also that she get half of Karan’s fees and also wants a share in Rishab company, Sherlin really praises herself for creating such a bad scene, Sherlin thinks why is she not reading the news.
Sherlin goes to read that she has demanded that if her demands are not fulfilled then she will take legal action against Karan and the entire Luthra family, also that she would charge Karna with cases of wrongful handling, Rakhi asks her to stop saying awful things but Karina says that she told her that Preeta was not a right person and that is only because of Rakhi that she was able to do such acts, Kartika comes from behind asking Karina to stop because Rakhi is not the only one who should be blamed as they all accepted her, Karina slaps her for talking in between the elders.
Rishab tries to calm her down, Karina says that she had informed them a lot before that she never trusted Preeta but they all did not even care to listen to her and that is only because of Rakhi because she accepted the entire family, Rishab stops her from saying anything further as they all accepted Preeta and her family except Karina and Sherlin because they never liked Preeta, Rishab explains that they can talk with them asking the reason why they had filed for the notice but Karina doesn’t want to listen, Dadi also says that she believes that karina is always right when it comes to Preeta so they should listen to her, Karan asks Sameer to call the lawyer as he will end the situation before the press conference even begins. Sameer wonders why Preeta did such a thing, even Maria is not able to believe why Preeta has done this act.
Karina exclaims that they will all be in a lot of trouble but what she is not able to comprehend is why the hell did the Auroras think that they would have demanded a dowry from them as it is a crime.
Preeta enters the room, Shristhi also comes from behind, Shristhi explains that Sarla and Bi jee have gone to minder, Preeta asks her to leave as she wants to remain alone, Shristhi gets a call but she is not able to find the movie, they both start to search for it, Preeta sees that Sameer is calling her, she as why he was calling her and that they should not talk with them,
She reaches the kitchen, Sameer has even texted her, she calls him Sameer asks why did she not stop Preeta from ding the act as this has created a lot of problem for them all, Shristhi is not able to understand, she repeatedly asks him what he is talking off, Sameer in the end mentions that she has sent a notice to them all against Karan, they are talking when Karina takes the phone from him and is really angry, Shristhi gets worried why he is not answering and is it that karina has caught him talking with her.
Karina asks Sameer if he doesn’t know what the law of the state says, they have been challenged by a girl and if she goes to the court then they will all be in jail, Sameer assures that he will not talk wither again.
Kartika is going in to her room, she is followed by Maria, Kartika explains that she knows her mother gets angry sometimes, and Rakhi is really sweet but this doesn’t mean that her mother can do everything, Maira explains that they are not against each other and her mother has seen a lot of things, she always says the right thing and it is because she wants that they all remain happy, she loves both Karan and Rishab a lot so cannot see them both in pain, Kartika understands what maira is trying to convey to her, Karan hears their conversation from behind the door, he understands that Preeta has always portrayed herself as really nice but she always cheats him so he will also make her pay, and will reply in the same way that she choose.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. kuthi kameeni dadi kareena ke peeche dhun hilati hai thodi si sharam bhaki hai to haridwar par jao

  2. Absolute garbage this show is. You have the snake in your house (Sherlyn) and you’re blaming this poor girl who Karan cheated. I’m rooting for Sherlyn and Prithvi to bring Luthra’s on the streets!

    1. Karisma I couldn’t agree with you more dear

  3. as I say this is a wicked show that’s puts women down promotes criminal activity the real stars r Prithvi and shrylin keep on pissing the audience

  4. high class mentally has tendency to do this type of criminal mind behavior like KAREENA AND SHERLIN where she has trained rhea during from childhood.

    middle class family like SARALA ARORA (PREETA) daughter cannot do this as middle class family prestige and respect is important compared high class family.

    ekta kapoor is also high class family that is why making this serial like criminal mind. this serial is criminal bhagya

  5. Suchismita Rout

    Now I m starting to like sherlyn n prithvi s character. At least they are doing something but other characters are stuck at their position..even after 1 month the story is at the same place… Disgusting chi. Now I wish two heroes actually sherlyn n prithvi to win n bring Luthras on road n kick out dadi n specially Kareena..

    1. I want the same beginning to get frustrated with this show

    2. Earlene Elder

      I agree. The Luthras are stupid,especially Karan he can’t seem to remember all the times that Preeta helped him

  6. This is more like the story is repeating itself again…is it that all the people in the house are so dump that they can’t sense that something is not right, who would put CCTV cameras to make people see them do something Sherlini is being accused of…this is disgusting

    As karan,sameer,Rakhi rishibh, and others hate sherlin but only one blo*dy women kareena loves sherlin

    one day will come idoit sherlin the mahesh luthra will hand over all the propery to Prithvi then I want to see your face of yours ,blo*dy kareena, and prithvi.

  7. Ohh god when this drama will come to an end and truth will be known.
    I know that writers want people should see the show so they add spices in it But it also has a limit they should not pull it so long. Many people who liked the show started hating it

  8. i’m really starting to be disappointed ☹️ kdb as i hate kumkum.

  9. Have stopped looking at this show as
    It’s completely redundant…. come on
    Writers bring in some justice and substance.

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