Kundali Bhagya 7th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Karan hits Prithvi making him unconscious

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Rakhi expresses her amazement on seeing Preeta she explains that she is looking realty beautiful and she has not seen anyone more beautiful than her, she mentions that she knows a lot of bad things have happened between their families in the past so she wants them to move forward, Shrishti asks if anyone else came, Rakhi asks Preeta to not cry as it is her wedding day and a very auspicious day for her. Rakhi hugs her.
Shrishti is very anxious and is calling Samer, when he picks it up she starts to burst at him for not coming to Preeta’s wedding, she blames that he is nothing but afraid and scared, he must learn form Rakhi who came even when it was her son who had put forward the condition that if anyone goes to her wedding than he will have no relation with that person, Samer gets shocked when he hears that Rakhi came to the wedding.
Prithvi asks Karan why is he looking so jealous, Karan explains that it is anger which he is seeing on his face, Karan plains that he has decided to stop his wedding and not let him marry Preeta because she was the one to destroy his happiness, Prithvi asks how he is going to do it, does he want to marry Preeta otherwise he does not have any way he can do it, Prithvi asks him to stop because he is getting mad, Prithvi pushes him away which really frustrates Karan.

Samer is trying to convince Shrishti that he will not be able to come to the wedding, she asks him to have some courage and come to the wedding, Samer explains that he cares for Karan and doesn’t want to hurt him, Shrishti says that this means he does not care for her, she wants him with her to stop the wedding, He tries to convince her to not do these childish acts as it is not something which can be taken lightly, Sarla comes from behind asking her to whom she is talking on the phone, they both get worried about what they will answer.

Karan warns Prithvi to not touch him, they both get into a fight and Prithvi holds him by his neck trying to chock him, he explains that he is going to kill Karan and then will have him thrown in the forest, he says that he will then take Preeta with him and do what couples do, Karan gets angry and hits him with a vase.
Shrishti throws the phone and tries to act that the screen is dead, Sarla takes her phone saying that she will keep it meanwhile Shrishti has to go and get Prithvi, Sarla does not listen to her complains ordering that she do all the work of Prithvi,
Karan asks Prithvi to wake up, he does not which makes Karan nervous. And when he goes to check him he finds that Prithvi is unconscious, he decides that he will now marry Preeta as he wants to ruin her life just like she has ruined his.
Shrishti goes to Prithvi’s room, she wonders why does she have to be with him, she wonders that if he really gets married then she will have to bear him for her entire life, she prays that he get unconscious so he might not be able to marry Preeta, she decides to not calling him.

Karan is with Prithvi he gets tensed when he finds that Prithvi’s clothes havea torn, he calls Samer telling the entire situation, Shrishti is outside finally gathering the courage to knock, Karan gets nervous and geos to check, Shrishti calls asking Prithvi to open the door she informs that she is coming and he must tell her if he is naked. Karan pulls Prithvi, Shrishti is about to enter, when her cousins call her they ask if she is going to meet her brother in law, Shrishti gets mad and then asks them to join her but they both run away, Shrishti wonders what has gotten in them, she explains that she cares for her self-respect and is coming in, she comes in and gets shocked finding him naked, she asks him to come by himself as she will not come to call him again, she leaves the room. Kara gets up thinking that she also wants her to get married with Preeta.

Precap: Preeta says that she knows Karan has changed but she is requesting Rakhi to stay just a little longer, Karan says to Samer that he is going to marry Preeta, he must keep this secret and not tell anyone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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