Kundali Bhagya 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi finds Rithwick in the party

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Dadi Takes out a word for the girls and they all gets confused about it, Dadi then says that she has a song, after a lot of struggle they are finally able to sing, everyone starts to dance at it, they are having fun, Prithvi gets mad seeing this, Manisha asks him to follow her and they both after finding the time escape from the game, Karan also goes after them.
Manisha is standing in the corner, he ask her as to why did she call him, he says that she cannot know that Rithwick came back and if she knows this then she will leave, he makes an excuse that his phone fell in the water and is not working, he asks her to leave as he will take care of everything. When Manisha leaves Karan is standing and feels that it is very strange that she came from the corner, when he turns Prithvi is also coming

at which he asks what was Prithvi doing in the corner, he makes an excuse and leaves.
Karan sings a song, he and Preeta start the dance, every9ne also follows them in the process, Shrishti and Sameer are also having fun, Karan takes Manisha which makes Preeta, he then starts to make her uncomfortable by constantly dancing with Manisha, Preeta cannot bear this. Karan calls Preeta and says that now girls will sing, Dadi takes out the word, Preeta starts to think and when the time is about to finish she comes up with it, Karan is left speechless and she starts to sing it with all the fun, Karan is only seeing her, Prithvi gets uncomfortable, Shrishti leaves and Manisha wonders what is happening and Shrishti says to Sameer that they will bring the refreshment and he must make Manisha eat it.
Preeta and Shrishti are preparing the drinks, Shrishti brings the drink, Preeta is left speechless but Shrishti doesn’t listen and says that she will make Manisha fall, Preeta is not understanding and says that she will hurt her if she finds out that Shrishti drinks then it will be very bad for her, They both are hugging when Sameer co me sand they leave to execute their plan.
Dadi is thinking of some song but cannot make anything, they all try after that Manisha says that she has a song, she start to sing and also takes Karan with her to the dance floor, rithwick comes and is very amazed to see Manisha dancing with Karan.
Shrishti says that they are feeling that no one knows of their plan but what if everyone knows of this, Preeta says that’s he does not Karan because none can tell if he is acting.
Karan brings chips for Manisha and asks her to eat, she says that if they are his choice the he should be the one to make her eat them, she takes a chip and starts to cough, Karan asks for a drink, Preeta is about to leave but Shrishti takes it and gives it to the waiter, when Preeta asks her she says that she did this because Manisha would take it from the waiter but never from her, Rithwick takes the glass and after giving it to Manisha is wondering if Manisha just looks at him he will know that she still lobe shim, but Manisha just drinks and does not focus on him, Karan make her comfortable, he gets jealous at seeing this.
Preeta and Shrishti start to rejoice at what will happen to Manisha after just ten minutes, Dadi says that she has taken the word and it is A, Mahesh starts t sing for Rakhi, who starts to get nervous, he does not hold back on his emotions after which Karan and Rishab also join him.
Prithvi notices that the waiter is looking at Manisha he takes him away ordering him to go away, Rithwick takes of the disguise and Prithvi then comes to know that e came back.

Precap: Prithvi hits Rithwick from the vase from behind his back, Rakhi is walking towards the hall and sees the feet of a man as they are dragged in the room,

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Every episode is waste talk, nothing of importance.

  2. Makers please end this long streching boring drama, why in only ekta kapoors serial makers keeps villian like a hero and hero like a villian as to even expose a vilian they takes years and years….its real bullshit, please come up with new villian now, enough of prithvi, sherlin, manisha….

  3. What a circus this show is becoming-so boring and drawn out just to stretch it. No wonder it is a break off of kumkum bhagya both shows have been stretched and the vieweres are disappointed. The studios surveys are biased

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