Kundali Bhagya 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Shrishti reaches the Luthra house

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Preeta explains that anyone can get ill and she was not the only one, Prithvi also got unconscious so was taken to his phone, Sarla requests that she call him as she wants to enquire about his health, Shrishti pleads with her to just have a sip off the water. Preeta is calling Prithvi, Shrishti does not like that preeta is calling him as she was talk with him asking about his health, then Sarla will also talk with him so her time will be wasted, she does not want that to happen, she has something else in mind which she will do as Preeta will never take the initiative, she will never go against Sarla so it now up to her for planning, she has the courage to do what she wants, and it is the matter of her sisters entire life so she will work on anything for her sister and even bear the scolding of Sarla.
Shrishti walks up to Preeta, hugging her, Preeta is surprised asking about the reason she is loving her, Shrishti responds that she just wanted to show her love which she feels for preeta. Sarla is happy to see them both, Shrishti leaves saying that she has something important to do, Preeta explains that Prithvi is not answering his phone and must be resting, Sarla agrees to talk him later.
Preeta wonders where Shristhi has gone, Sarla explains that she feels she ahs gone to the hall to inspect about the damage, preeta thinks otherwise as she believes that Shrishti never does her work so she has gone somewhere else.
Janki comes informing that Rupali has arrived. Sarla says that she is the elder daughter if the caterer, Sarla knows that she came for the bill, Preeta assures that she has to rest as Preeta will look after the matter, Janki asks Sarla how she is feeling, Sarla explains that she is feeling a little better,
Preeta greets Rupali who is apologetic for coming so late, she request to borrow the large pots of their house, she asks if they have gotten a big contract, Rupali explains that it is of the famous caterer, Preeta is astonished to know that it is off karan, she hides her pain then decided to give the pots.
Janki feels that she has seen the pain in Preetas eyes when Rupali mentioned Karan’s engagement, she thinks that the reason Preeta refused to marry Prithvi must be because she still wants to remain as karan wife.
Rupali asks Rakhi if she can use the tissue paper from their personal kitchen as they cannot find the carton. Rakhi calls Ganesh ordering that he makes sure Rupali gets everything that she needs, she sees Shrishti coming from the front door wondering that she might also be invited to the party.
Shristhi after entering the house is shocked to see karina, she immediately hides from her then pretend to talk with another lady, when she leaves, Shrishti goes to Sameer’s room.
He is getting ready for the function, she comes from behind he is shocked to see her, she closes the door asking if he will help her in breaking the engagement, Sameer says that he cannot help her because Karina warned that if she found him helping Shrishti then she will throw him out of the house, Shrishti tries to explain that he should think in the long run because when karina will come to know that she was wrong then she will have nothing to fell bad for so will also forgive them. She explains that he said he was the one who had the engagement ring, she wants that he give it to her because when there will be no ring then the engagement will also cancel, he refuses to give it to her but she is contented to take it, they struggle making her fall on him on the bed, they both stare in each other’s eyes, Shrishti takes his hand to his pockets and is looking for the ring, just then Ramona comes in, she apologizes for coming without asking as she thought it was her room, she leaves, Sameer feels tensed wondering if she tells anyone, Shrishti asks who that women was, she gets angry knowing that she was Maira mother.

Sameer stops her asking what she might have done, she explains that she would have done something because she feels that Maira wants to marry karan and feels that she is stubborn.
Karan is in his room thinking that he Is really happy as he is getting engaged so wants to tell it to her, but he does not want to, however he still cannot forget thinking about her, Preeta is also happy that she did not marry Prithvi as she is still Karan’s wife, so she thinks of punishing but her heart does not want to hurt him, yet she is still not able to forget him and she had the choice to not accept the relation even when everyone asked him yet she refused to hear anything and she gave him the right, Karan says that he is really happy to marry someone else, he decides to take his photo and sends it to Preeta, she after looking at it starts to weep, he is wondering why she did not reply.
He thinks that she might be hurting after seeing him happy, Preeta says that she never feels hurted but thinks that he is really a bad person, Karan gets curious then types a message, Preeta warns him to not message her otherwise she will block him, he also asks her to do what she likes.
he then wonders if she might have really blocked the number, he sends a text message, and is shocked to see that she ahs not blocked it, then he sends another text saying that he will delete her number after sending the text. She is also relieved that he will finally do it.
Maira is getting ready in the room, she is not able to decide on the hair style and gets angry at the final result, she demands that they call the head beautician, but they deny as she has other preoccupations.
Shrishti is looking for Maira room, she wonders that she will be in the guest room.
Karan texts that he is missing his friend, she after seeing the text types that he does not care about their relation anymore so there is nothing to talk about, he is not the person whom she called her friend.
Preeta is wondering what karan typed in the message, Karan is also not able to control himself so is constantly thrashing his room. They both are really tensed with the situation.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Shelly2307

    Such a cry baby this Preeta is… Wonder if she has ever heard a few words like self-respect, common sense, dignity, domestic violence, s*x*al assault. How can any person be this dumb??? This is what I hate about Indian daily soaps, the female lead is shown so helpless, dependent, blind in love and the dumbest creature ever born on this planet. Bro, we have got past that period where women were objectified and were helpless, it doesn’t happen in our country now, whatever they show, just encourage few morons to do the same, Miss Ekta ‘PLEASE GET OVER IT’ this is 21st century, please accelerate the engines of your 19th century brain, today most women in our country are independent and most parents don’t put pressure on them for marriage and…. that reminds me, even Preeta is a doctor, she is self-made, independent, can earn for living( I know all these mean same), she can get a better job anywhere, the demand for a physio is damn high, but no, she chose to cry over the person who doesn’t even care for her/ pretends to care(GO DIE GIRL!!). And this Karan, dude!! Please be sure of your feelings first, he is always confused and takes such hast decisions that chances of them turning wrong are maximum. I saw yesterday’s episode where Srishti called Karan’s act romantic and Sameer to agreed with her… I couldn’t stop laughing. Like seriously??? Karan set a place on fire, any major mishap could have happened and you dumb creature call this romantic. She deserves a room in the nearest mental asylum, and I seriously mean it. I really like Rishabh, but he is not shown that often and I only find his scenes with some logic. And this Sameer aka Karan 2.0, yesterday he was screaming like hell at Srishti about Preeta’s marriage and today he is giving a plea that Kareena bua will feel bad, such a double faced personality. And when will Sherlyn’s baby come??…. okay okay, baby is too much…. Let’s change it to, when will her baby bump show up??? It’s been 2 years since the show began and by bow she would have been pregnant with her 2nd child.
    They have turned both the bhagyas into complete trash, and, I can’t figure out how do they manage to gain the TRP and always stay on the top…. Our country audience really buys anything, and literally everything, even that rubbish Naagin series has followers(What exactly should we expect for other serials??). I wish some realize and come up with a really good concept series with a unique plot. I came across few web series and I wished they make something similar in the form of these daily soaps possibly a finite episode series. Which reminds me the other thing I hate about these soaps and that is they run infinitely, you don’t know till how many years this particular show will DRAG ON. It may drag upto 5 years or even 10 years, the minimum duration for which a serial in India runs is 1 complete year with 5 episodes a week. This is really sickening.
    And before anyone states me to not watch it, I really don’t watch it, but sometimes come across these updates to realize, how shi**y things are going.

    1. Elokobi rhonda iboka

      you are the best for sure you have giving a critical analysis of how the writers of indian soaps laxk a major thing in their proffession creativity no lession learn ,the humour is bad and the minuetess thing of intertaining persons of interest is not there it all boils down to a long lasting boaring program that is how my kid sister describes this soap boaring

  2. Love the efficiency of this production. Today’s major plot twist was watching two ‘pretend’ adults complete a text exchange. Oh dear. I am so underwhelmed that I need a stimulant. And Shelly, I’m not buying that Indian women have changed. Perhaps a small percentage of urbanites… but the majority seem to accept these long, redundant, series of the same vignettes, played over and over again. If Indian women had changed then this production would not be on the air. Protests would have closed it down. When you have someone like Sadhguru unwilling to say that women are equal, then you really have to wonder. Clearly, the British Raj version of Hinduism is alive and well. Also, I have been reading comments from Indians (elsewhere) that fascism will solve all of India’s problems. Obviously, a member of the violent faction of the RSS, who would like to keep women useful to and for men, rather than seeing women grow into established adults themselves capable of making their own decisions.

    1. Verma4

      I took a break in between the text messages to watch the paint dry. I’m a man but hear hear to women power. I have a daughter too.

    2. I had to laugh as I watched you watching your paint dry. Thank-you for introducing yourself! I want to build/support/use ‘honest adult human’ power. Both men and women have been terrifically victimized and robbed of their individual identities…very purposefully. What can we say about males who actually believe that it is someone else’s responsibility to take care of ‘their needs’. Any stranger will do. the stranger has to be female because that’s what females are meant to do. And they should carry ‘protection’ for the convenience of their rapist. Less than animals, available to any man, any time on his whim. Wow. No responsibility whatsoever for one’s own presence. For one’s own feelings. This is an emotional failure. If I was feeling compassionate (I will, eventually) I’d recognize his wound. The arrogance of this emotionally repugnant attitude is barbaric. What is frightening is that so many current leaders have this belief… with female supporters.
      This production is a fine example of female and male disempowerment. One must know one’s subject thoroughly before citing solutions. And I trust that your daughter will be the beneficiary of that!
      Every race/culture brings it’s own gift to all humankind. Indians were/are connected to life and universe in a very conscious way. To watch that natural intelligence and consciousness to have become this disengaged, is the tragedy. Thankfully, there also exist individuals who choose an adult dignity and have the courage to be responsible for their own choices, feelings and thoughts…. their presence. (In my mind that is ‘original’ Hinduism.) The producer insures that no such being exists in her show. Only victims, victimizers and no resolutions. that’s what’s most convenient for the elites. “the more they fight, the more they are in survival mode. they are easier to control, that way. Keep them starving, sick and educated in a way so that they think they are progressing…but don’t show them truth. Some of them are smart enough to understand.”

  3. Hey Shelly, Just found this.


    this guy thinks that Indian women should carry con**ms because rape without violence is possible and women should just co-operate with their attackers. Will a group of women protest in front of this man’s house with the press in tow? Even the ‘good’ women in this show… Rakhi who lays down and accepts whatever she’s told to do, shristri who is a 12 year old loudmouth fool and meddler and the simpering Preeta who breathes like she is dying in order to get sympathy are simply not likeable characters. the other women are all manipulative b*t*hes. (Sarla, Kareena, sherlyn and mom etc.) the only ‘real’ woman, Kritika, is waiting to become an abused wife and she wants it!!

    1. Verma4

      I condone the thought of caring con**ms in case of rape AARRGG ,Does this idiot have shit running thru his veins and brains but only thing I can agree is for the victim not to fight because that is the only way you can come out of it alive. You wonder what is going thru some peoples head.

    2. I’d like to ask aliyah, “Who asks/suggests…during a rape… to pause and put on a con**m. Should a woman always carry one in the palm of her hand so she is ready? ” Aliyah would know how a barbaric victimizer likes to do things. And agreed, about the victim becoming as non-responsive as possible. A lot of the thrill, the power dissipates when the victim stops showing fear or any emotion. Not always. Some victimizers are so inwardly focused that any meat will do, crying, screaming or not.

  4. Verma4

    I was telling my Mrs about this Dick head and all she said that there are still people these thoughts in this day and age. Shake of the head in disbelief.

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