Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan and Prithvi start to fight

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Shrishti and Sameer both are arguing, she says that he must pull the ribbon as she has come under the trap, he pulls it and the paint fall on her she starts to yell, Sherlin goes to check on her, Karina says to Rakhi that she must go and pretend as Sherlin does not know that they are acting.
Manisha goes away, Sherlin meets her and asks her about the problem, Manisha thinks that Sherlin is jealous of her because she thinks that Manisha and Prithvi both have an affair, she says that she is going out of the way to help her, Preeta and everyone sees this, they all ask her about what she meant.
Manisha says that she meant that Sherlin is jealous of her because she does not wait her to become a part of their family, she turns the leaf in her favor and then Karina says that she will take her

to the guest room. Shrishti goes to Prithvi and then says that Manisha thinks that everything that happened is because of Sherlin and it was really her.
Karan and Rishab both are laughing and when they are about to follow them, Preeta stops them saying that they must stay and that they must do something that will prevent anyone from leaving their place, everyone starts to think after which Preeta says that they can play a game on antakshari, Preeta goes to prepare for it.
Rakhi and Shrishti are standing outside the rom, when Shrishti signals her to go and check the party as all of the guests are waiting for her, she at first does not understand but then when Shrishti signals her then she understand and takes Sherlin away,
Karina and Shrishti are both in the room, Katrina thanks Shrishti and says that it is the last time, she understand that it is because of what she did in the party that is to make Manisha fall, they are waiting, Prithvi come into to the room without noticing them and when Manisha comes out, then he is able to understand that both Karina and Shrishti are behind him, he thinks that It is his end and he will surely die, Karina at once starts to question him asking what he is doing in this room as it is a girls room, he starts to make excuses but she doesn’t listen and asks him to go away, he comes out.
Preeta sees him and asks him the reason for being outside this room as everyone knows that it is where Manisha is changing, he says that he was looking for her as whenever he meets he then he feels really good and every worry that he has disappears. Preeta says that she must call everyone out of the room to come and rejoin the party, she leaves, Karan sees this and comes to him.
Prithvi says to Karan that he must not look him like this, Karan says that h must leave this romantic side of him away from his house, Prithvi taunts him by saying that he is not the only one to have any con troll over romance and he feels that it is good that Karan saw him with Preeta because he really wants him to make him jealous, Prithvi says that he cannot stop him and this is because he is her fiancé and he is only her friend and that he will make him go away from Preeta’s life because when she gets married then he will make her stop seeing him. Karan says that he knows that Prithvi is a bad guy and soon he will make him go away from Preeta’s life.
Rithwick goes and rings Manisha’s doorbell but she does not answer, he knows of where the key is and when he goes in, he looks everywhere but she is nowhere to be found and he gets worried wondering where she went. He does not understand what to do, he again calls her but then thinks that she might have gone for shopping.
Preeta brings everyone outside and asks both of them what they are doing, Shrishti says to Karan that they must go to play a game which Preeta has organized, Manisha asks Prithvi if knows something about rithwick but he says that she must go, Preeta calls her and when she leaves Prithvi says that she still wants to talk with her boyfriend who is not dead and will come.
Rithwick is very angry about what she has done to her hours and when he is about to clean the things he finds a piece of folded paper which is actually the invitation of Karan and Manisha’s wedding.

Precap: Everyone is ready for the game, the boys are determined that they will win, Preeta says that it will be a game for the ladies.

Update Credit to: Sona

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