Kundali Bhagya 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sherlin requests the Doctor for an Abortion

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Sameer and Shristhri ae walking in, they says that when they were leaving both Karan and Preeta were in his room and that is where they should go. Mahesh bumps into them and asks Sameer if he knows where his Blue shirt is, he says that how will he know about this, the only person to know about this would be Rakhi, Mahesh says that he feels that Sameer is having an affair with some girl, Sameer gets nervous and follows Mahesh, Shrishri strops him and asks him about that lucky girl, he says that it will happen very soon and she will be the first one to know about his affair.
Sameer leaves and Shristhri thinks of an ingenious plan, She starts the recording on her phone and goes to Sherlin’s mother, she asks her that she knows all about Sherlin’s affair with Prithvi, at first her mother tries

to deny this and then leaves, Shristhri says that Sherlin told her everything when she was drunk, her mother turns back and argues with her saying that she should not stuff her head in her family matters and if she knows the truth then why did she asks her, Karina comes and asks her mother to stop wasting her time with a middle class girl like Shristhri, Sameer arrives and she says that she got to know the truth from Sherlin’s mother herself and now they have solid proof, they both leave for Karan’s room.
Sherlin is asking the doctor for forgiveness. She says to her hat she got angry and it is because of her pregnancy and she should forgive her, the doctor says that the person is a mental case and she should not be with him, Prithvi is yelling at the top of his voice and saying all sort of bad things, he says that he will do something very bad to the doctor and this hospital. The hospital staff finds it very difficult to hold him, another person comes and says that if he does not stop this then he will call the police and have him arrested, and Prithvi gets nervous and leaves.
Karan and Preeta are going towards the hospital, he is very happy, Preeta gets amazed and ask for the reason he says that he is happy that they will be able to show everyone the true face of both Sherlin and Prithvi, Preeta gets angry, Karan says that after the truth Rishab will not marry Sherlin but will she be able to leave Prithvi and move on, Preeta says that this time she will not take any rash decision and will think it through, he gets happy at her decision. Karan asks her about her choice for a good husband, she says that she only wants a person who cares for her, Karan again asks her about her choice, she says that she has not thought about this, Karan pressurizes her saying that she must forget about the past and think of the future.
Sameer and Shristhri reach Karan’s room and start to call out his name thinking that he is still in the house, Shristhri says that she will look in the Bathroom, Sameer stops her saying that if his brother is naked then what will she do, thinking of the embracement she stops and he goes ahead.
Sherlin says to the doctor that she must do all that she can for the abortion, the doctor gets angry, she urges her to not be so impatient, as if she did the procedure then the Luthra’s might do something that will harm the reputation of the hospital, Sherlin must get the consent of her fiancé. The doctor asks her about the father, she apologiz4es and says that she cannot answer this question at the moment, the doctor also agrees to do the abortion.

Prithvi is very angry and says that he did not do anything out of the fear that they will have him thrown in jail, he says that there are cameras all over the hospital and as soon as he turns the person is behind him and asks him to leave.
Prithvi gets a call and it is from Neil’s little brother who says that because of him his brother is in a very big problem, he has to leave India as there is no other way left, the person gets angry saying that he must give him the money otherwise he will show everyone his true face, the person says that the police is closing all of the business that his brother owns an now he does not have money so he must give him the money, Prithvi says that he will not at which Abhishek stares at him and asks him to leave if he cannot keep quiet.
Prithvi says that di he hear that a normal ward boy asked him to be quiet and he thinks that all the problems are in his life.
Preeta and Karan are at the hospital, Karan is in a hurry and quickly slams the door, in this rush Preeta’s Dupatta gets stuck in his car, he pulls her when she stops him saying that she cannot move, he takes out her Dupatta and pulls it which tears it, she gets angry at this and they start to have a fight about how many dupatta he has torn, Prithvi sees them both and hides.

Precap: The doctor says to Sherlin that she is risking her life as she will die if she goes forward with the abortion

Update Credit to: Sona

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