Kundali Bhagya 31st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Ramoona puts the blame of suicide attempt on Karan

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In the hospital police comes to speak to Mahira’s family. Ramoona speaks to them. The inspector had come to file a complaint against Mahira who attempted a suicide. Ramoona says no one tries to take their life at will, they must question the culprits who forced Mahira to attempt this suicide. She blames Karan Luthra and his family to force Mahira to this step. She demands an arrest of Karan Luthra. The police inspector says he must arrest the whole Luthra family. Ramoona presents a proof as well. She shows Karan and Mahira’s wedding card. She says Mahira was engaged to Karan and everyone including the media knew about it. At the last moment, Karan backed out. Mahira was in depression and committed suicide today. She tells the inspector to arrest him. Rishab questions who will arrest Karan and on what ground. Preeta intervenes that Karan was not mistaken. She says Ramoona is stubborn and insists on marrying a married man. How can the case be on Karan then? She says she is Karan’s wife, Preeta. Ramoona’s daughter knows well that Karan is married, still she forces Karan to marry her. How can Karan be the culprit in this matter. Mahira must think the law does not provide for marriage of an already married man. The inspector now questions Ramoona how Mahira could marry Karan, or even wish to marry him. He confirms from the family. Rishab and Preeta assert this is true. Preeta shows the wedding video of her marriage with Karan. The inspector tells Ramoona this girl is telling the truth. Karan was already married. Ramoona says this is the problem. She showed the inspector the wedding card. Any wedding card is published with both family’s consent. Karan committed to her daughter, then married someone else. Karan is living without someone else, and another girl is dying for him; this isn’t justice. Why they do not investigate. The inspector says they will get to the roots of the matter. The culprit will be punished. He will obtain all medical reports, details and even acquire statement of Mahira. He warns Karan that if the girl claims Karan backed up at the last moment from the wedding then the case will be on Karan. This girl’s statement will decide his fate for future.

Ramoona says inspector is right. Karina was offended that Ramoona got them insulted today. She blames Preeta for all this. Since Preeta came to their lives, it has been ruined. She always brings problems for the family. She always wanted Preeta to stay away from the family, but it never happened. Rishab assures he is there, nothing will happen. Karina says if Mahira dies, or she gives statement against Mahira; Karan will be trapped. It will ruin the status and career of Karan. Karan intervenes that this would never happen. Karina blames Preeta for Mahira and Rakhi’s conditions. Sherlin goes to check Rakhi.

There, Shrishti reached the hospital. She inquires the reception about Mahira Khanna. The receptionist says she is on third floor ICU. Shrishti hears the inspector discuss that Karan Luthra will be arrested if he is involved in Mahira Khanna’s case.

At home, Prithvi comes to Pawan and asks why he is sad. He says his mother’s heart is broken. Prithvi says mom is actually only pretending, actual heart break was his. Pawan says Prithvi has Sherlin in his life, then apologizes for seeing her in his room. Prithvi says Sherlin truly loves him and he breaks her heart every time. He gets a call from Sherlin. Pawan turns to leave as he had to return some rental things back and asks for Preeta’s house. Prithvi warns Pawan not to even wander around Preeta’s house as those Arora ladies are shrewd and may call police. Pawan thinks he must get the address himself. Prithvi takes Sherlin’s phone. He notices Sherlin was tensed. Sherlin says she is really tensed and wonders what she must do. Prithvi was irked and asks if someone insulted Sherlin. Sherlin tells that everything went well and smooth, then Mahira came there. She came with her wrist bleeding; and now they are all in hospital. Prithvi was happy that Karan was clean bolt by Mahira’s reentry, this is the best news of the day. Sherlin asks Prithvi what she must do. She can not go against Luthra family by supporting Mahira, because Ramoona blamed Karan. And if she goes against Mahira she might tell the family about them. Prithvi suggests Sherlin to balance now. Both parties must feel she is with them. Mahira is not under control. Sherlin must work to bring things in her favor. He offers to come there to handle things. Sherlin forbids him to come there but Prithvi had cut the call. He says he will decide if he has to go there or not. He wanted to enjoy seeing a defeated face of Karan Luthra. Sherlin was worried that she already had enough problems in her life, and Prithvi is also coming.

Karina blames Preeta that everyone in their lives went smooth. Then Preeta came to Luthra house and ruined everything. Rishab joins his hands to Karina for not blaming Preeta. Karina says they all know everything is to be blamed on Preeta. They must all have listened to her, but no one listened to her. Dadi stops Rishab from arguing with Karina. Dadi says Karina is not saying wrong. Karan also counters with Dadi but Dadi asserts Karina is right. She says it was her decision that went wrong, she should have listened to Karina earlier. She has always stood with right. She thought Rakhi was right and demanded to place another function for Preeta’s munh dikhai. But she must not have stood with Rakhi. Today Karan is in trouble because of her. Mahira took a wrong step, but Karan broke Mahira’s heart. Karina asks why Mahira’s heart was broken? Because of this Preeta Arora. Mahira said yes to marry Karan, and everything was smooth; then Preeta married Karan. Mahira was heartbroken but stayed in Luthra House. Then Rakhi sent her away, she was so heart broken that she attempted suicide. Karan now stops Karina, Rishab also tells Karina to stop blaming Preeta only. Kritika asks Sameer what will happen. Karina says if Mahira takes Karan’s name, Karan will be arrested and if she takes everyone name then the whole family, and it will be because of Preeta. Rishab requests Karina to stop it. Karina says she agrees Rishab supports Preeta, he may continue to do it but please remain silent today. If Karan is jailed, she won’t leave this Preeta Arora. She takes a bench. Sherlin had come to the corridor. She thinks if whatever Karina says becomes true, it will be good for them. Their revenge from Luthras will be accomplished.

PRECAP: Preeta discusses with Sameer and Shrishti to dig out details of Mahira, what she said or did. Karan thanks Preeta. Preeta says she only told the police what was right.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. inceperter give the statement than I will give points you see the lest.
    first 1. inceperter this maira she beat the dr preeta in his head in the bat.
    second 2. inceperter this maira she call to pawan in his mobile.
    third 3. inceperter this maira she didn’t her planned to push the mahesh in the steps Hunderd percent that only maira didn’t her planned.
    inceperter give the statement than I will give points.
    first 1. inceperter this sherlyn she didn’t her planned to push the mahesh in the steps Hunderd percent that only sherlyn didn’t her planned.
    second 2. inceperter this sherlyn she call to prithvi malhotra in his mobile.
    third 3. inceperter this sherlyn she accident for janki in the road and also prithvi malhotra he didn’t accident for janki Hunderd percent that only prithvi didn’t her planned.

  2. Inceperter you don’t arrest all the family please don’t do like that.
    inceperter that dr preeta she didn’t do anything for you god promise.
    how dare you ramoona why talk like that to dr preeta.
    ramoona shame on you I don’t care at all never impossible.
    if maira wake up you just tell her don’t came to Luthra house please stay away from there.
    if you came like this otherwise Karan he gets upset than he throw the Luthra house not enter to came now see what I will do now.
    ramoona you don’t call the police stop it I don’t like it ugly face okay.
    ramoona you go to your house stay there safe for you don’t came to Luthra house be careful.
    watchman please lock the gate we should not allowed to came Luthra house okay.

  3. howe dare you Kareena bua we should not talk like to dr preeta if talk like this to dr preeta.
    Kareena bua if do like this in the episode we should not came to Luthra house you just stay for there.
    rishabh you scold for Kareena bua properly don’t leave him continue now see what I will do now if rishabh gets upset for you Kareena bua.
    Kareena bua that is matter finished for you.

  4. When will Mahesh wake up and some truth come out I am tired of this Karina and blaming game lets shut her up a little please. This serial is getting discussing and more boring everyday. I taught good always prevail over evil. Is soon Diwali lets see some goodness in this show please.

  5. The fool Mahira should suffer for her stupidity! Which sensible human wants to marry a married man. This is a lesson for women who want to get involved with a married man.

  6. oh my the same crap again. this show don’t make any sense it jus put women down every body get caught except shrylin and pritvi now maharia and shrylin mom stupid luthra stupid show the same crap in different version shrylin and prtve and sidekick shameless Mahira

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