Kundali Bhagya 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kareena is angry with Sherlin for losing the Necklace

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Kundali Bhagya 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rakhi touches Sherlin from the back and asks her as to who is she talking to and her and weather it was her mother, she takes the phone from her and starts to talk, just then Prithvi cancels her, Rakhi asks Sherlin as to why the phone disconnected to which she answers that she has gone on a trip and the signals are weak there and it connected after a long time, Rakhi comforts her and tells her that everything will be okay.
Preeta is waiting and thinki9ng and to how did Sherlin’s necklace was in Prithvi’s car just then she gets a call from Kartika, who is very worried about her Dadi and asks her as to whom she is to which she says that thee treatment is still in –process and she is waiting outside, Preeta asks her if Sherlin found her necklace to which she says that she would have found it if she was looking seriously but she was looking in her private cupboard and when she confronted her Sherlin blamed her and said that she stole her Necklace, to which Kartika says that she is really fed-up of her attitude and feels that Sherlin is not a right women.
Rishab is following Karan angerly when Rakhi stops them and asks as to what the matter is to which Rishab says that she should ask Karan, Rakhi asks him to which he says that Karan in front of his fan said that Rishab is single and very successful, Rishab adds that I was very embarrassing for him as he is a businessman. Rakhi hugs him and says that he is her favorite, hearing this Karan gets jealous to which she also hugs him and then they all share a hug at which Karan gets annoyed.
Kareena is scolding Sherlin about her necklace to which Karan and Rishab as Rakhi, she replies that Sherlin lost the necklace whi9ch was given by Kareena and that is why she is angry and now Rakhi must go and calm them, Karan says that she must not and thy will enjoy the scolding, Rakhi asks Rishab to talk some sense into Karan and leaves, Rishab laughs and gores to change his clothes.
Karan is about to leave when Shristri walks he sees her and goes to talk asking as to how she feels after the kidnapping, she says that she is now confident as he will come to save her to which he says that he will not come hearing this she gets scared then her laughs saying that he was just joking. She asks for Sameer to which he says that why is she asking and that he is in his room, she gets nervous and just then he gets a call and goes away.
Shristhri is outside Sameer’s room and is really nervous about talking with him and is not sure as to how can she do this, just when she is outside the room Sameer walks out and says HI and she completely gets frozen with fear. Sameer says that she was about to fall because of him and he knows that it was his mistake and he will not do it again so she must not yell at him and he is sorry, She says that it was not his fault and washer because she was walking just behind him and he could not see behind his head at which Sameer says that it was her head and he is sorry and then they both get into a fight as to who was at fault and are calming that they were at fault, when Rakhi sees them fight and says that she never saw such a good fight and they both look cool together.
Shristhri sasy to Rakhi that she must go to the market to buy Paint for her room and she runs away in nervousness, Rakhi stops same and says that she did not think that he started a paint business because Shrishti said that she wants to buy paint, Sameer also runs away and she thinks that they Kareena is so filed with hatred that she does not see the good things of these girls and their sweet nature.
Preeta walks Dadi home when Karan comes and asks as to why did she not take care of his Dadi and she had to be taken to the hospital. Dadi scolds him and says that he will not say anything to her as she is her doctor, they both take her to her room and after reaching she asks Preeta to take her to the washroom. Karan picks up the bag which Preeta left on the floor and drops all of the belongings, he picks it up and puts the things back, when he puts them he finds the necklace, just then Preeta comes and he asks her to which she says that she found it in Prithvi car and she i also confused, Karan immediately links it to Prithvi, Preeta tries to defend him but Karan says that she must not tell about this to anyone and must give him some time to which Preeta also agrees.

Precap: Karan gives Sherlin her necklace, Kareena asks where he fund it to which Karan says that it was with Preeta, she immediately blames her for theft.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    1. Isaaq

      Don’t watch it then if you find it boring

  2. Isaaq

    Does everyone agree that this is basically Karan’s show? I feel like he’s the main protagonist. I’m used to seeing bahu type characters planning and exposing the vamps but here Karan is doing that job. It’s usually the female lead that does all of this.

    I think it’s quite sweet how they’ve switched roles this time. Normally the female fights the vamp to save her lover. But instead, Karan (the Male) is fighting the vamp and villains to save his lover (Preeta).

    I’m happy that finally Ekta is giving men importance in these dramas. Men are usually treated like furniture and stupid. Whereas women are shown as smart and cunning. I’m glad Karan’s character is breaking those stereotypes. I hope to see his character develop more.

    I’ve been waiting years for a show to be based on a male protagonist rather than a female protagonist. I’m sick of seeing bahu type characters suffering and crying whilst fighting vamps.

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