Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Karan at Preeta’s home

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Preeta panics and goes to stop a car for help.
At home, Sarla was worried. Shrishti comes to Sarla accepting Preeta got really late. Shrishti makes a call to Kritika; Kritika had been talking to Akshay on phone when she takes Shrishti’s call. Kritika says Preeta had left a long time ago. Soon there was a door bell, Preeta and the driver had brought Karan who was unconscious. When the driver leaves, Preeta asks for warm water and towel. The ladies ask Preeta if Karan was the one who misbehaved with her. Preeta says Karan saved her today, Sanju got her as she was alone on street. Shrishti apologizes for being responsible for all this. Preeta asks her to call Luthra’s, and assures Sarla she is fine. Sarla goes to call the doctor. Dadi goes to prepare her herbal ointment. Preeta sits beside Karan.
Outside, Sarla tells Shrishti this is what she wanted to teach her, she wasn’t wrong but she must have understood they are goons. Shrishti says she is also powerful enough. Sarla asks Janki about doctor’s number but she couldn’t find the diary. Sarla goes to call the doctor. Shrishti calls Kritika to inform her about Karan. Kritika panics and goes to inform everyone about Karan. Kareena blames Preeta but Rishab and Rakhi leave for Preeta’s house.
There, Preeta says she always considered Karan as wrong, she thought he was characterless but he isn’t as bad as she thought. Infact, he isn’t bad at all. She always fought with him then remembers she is bitter at heart. She places a hand over his head and notices he had high fever. She places wet towel over his forehead and prays for him to get better. Karan gets conscious and places his hand over Preeta’s. Preeta cheers watching him open his eyes. She thanks him for doing what he did. Karan asks if this is a way to say thanks, she pressed his bruise. He sits up wondering where he is, she says it’s her bedroom and he is really a nice guy. Karan was shocked at once and says he didn’t come to save her, he wish he hadn’t seen her. It was Rishab who insisted upon him to drop her purse. Karan says Preeta was friends with the goons, she planned everything to stop him go to his party. He turns to leave, after arguing she must confess she is a crazy fan who is running behind him. Both argue again. Shrishti comes there and asks why are they fighting as spouses, both were shocked and offensive to hear this. Shrishti leaves them to fight. Karan asks her about her cell phone.. Preeta was upset that the goon Sanju broke her phone. Karan laughs sitting beside her and calls her a liar, he was sure she took a photo to ruin his reputation. Soon, Karan sits on the bed as his head aches. Preeta was concerned and says he needs rest, else his energy would be drained out. She makes pillow for him and tells him to lower his volume for now. Karan says he only feels a little dizzy, Preeta insists on him to take rest. Karan was uncomfortable at Preeta’s stare. Preeta leaves the room, while Karan’s head ache again.
Bee ji brings the herbal medicine. Preeta comes out and says Karan feels really dizzy, she was speechless at Sarla and Bee ji’s concern. Bee ji tells her to put the herbal ointment over his bruise. Shrishti takes the bowl and goes but Preeta says she herself would go. Shrishti could smell marriage in their affair. Preeta comes to the room and mixes the herbal ointment. Karan says Preeta can’t spend a minute without him. He sits as Preeta smiles at him. He was reluctant, and was sure she must have mixed spices in them to tease him. Preeta was helpless, she clarifies no matter who he is, and she hates him, no matter she is left with no words while describing him… she is really thankful to what he did. Karan asks if she is done with the lecture, he suspects it’s a lie. He asks to try the ointment over her, she presents her hand for him to rub it over her. She tells Karan it feels cool. Karan was still reluctant, she says she will blow it while applying. Karan backs up at once, Preeta almost fell over him. They share an eye lock.

PRECAP: Luthra’s arrive at Sarla’s house. Kareena blames them for making Karan unconscious. In the room, Karan complains he feels uncomfortable at Preeta’s stare. Preeta was helpless and explains she was looking at the injury over his head. Rishab comes inside the room.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Finally preetan scenes

  2. Loved today’s episode <3 Karan and Preeta are perfect. I hope they don't end up ruining their love life like Abhi-Pragya's. And Srishti mentioned that they look like a married couple XD

  3. Gosh preeka are so cute I can’t get enough of them I don’t like her with rishab I feel bored when thy r together that my thoughts

    1. I agree. There is no spark between Rishab and Preeta.

    2. Yes I feel if thy get together it wud be so boring while preeka karan r a rollercoster ride

  4. opposite characters will make best

  5. Rishabh will turn to be evil very soon in the coming days

    1. How will he become evil? What will he do?

  6. Storyline has taken a turn for the worst. Preeta and Karan completely do NOT suit each other, Preeta suits being his bhabhi as Karan is just too childish. It seems everything he has done in his life is due to Rishabh, he’s too selfish and characterless for a character like Preeta. Really not enjoying these Preetan moments! Rishabh and Preeta are super compatible. Why must Rishabh once again sacrifice his happiness for others and not even get a life partner like Preeta? Karan is not deserving of Preeta! Preetabh for the win!

    1. Ha ha ??his brother guiding him, handing bussines wats wrong in that.. Rishab not sacrifice his bussiness. He promoting both Abhi & karan. Karan too loving his brother respecting him… Too much seriousnes also good fr nthng… Upto date Rishab love is just one side… preetha only hve respect vth rishab.Karan is not a charctrless man.

    2. Jelouses of PREETAN jodi ? Now stomuch burning of all the PRESHAB jodi fans,ALWAYS PREETAN chemistry is perfect.He is so crazy and innocent guy.Preetan fans is higher than PREESHAB fans ,I like rishab ,he is only family material not love material.

  7. I don’t like preeta and karan jodi.. Karan looks younger than preeta and most of the time when they are together it feels like siblings are fighting.. Especially in engagement when karan was hiding and scares preeta.. When i saw that it gives me only sibling vibes? sorry to preetan fans but thats what i felt.. N i neither support rishab n preeta nor karan preeta but rishabh preeta jodi is far better than karan preeta.. I’m actually watching this serial for sarla n unki betiyan? wanna see how shrishti’s heart will melt for her mother..

    1. Ha ha.they r not look like siblings…. But preetha day by day luking little bit old … But she is younger than Karan…… Beauty doesn’t matter…. Preetha Karan?

    2. Definitely looks doesn’t matter.. I didn’t said that they should not be together cz preeta doesn’t look good or whatever.. If it would have been shown that preeta is elder than karan still they make perect couple it would have been much bttr? .. And there’s so many stories where lover starts by fighting n all.. But here it gives me siblings vibes..

  8. super story. we need karan and preetha scenes more.

  9. Super,amazing preeta and karan make a gud couply especially when there fighting lol.

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