Kundali Bhagya 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rakhi in front of the media dis-owns Karan

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Kundali Bhagya 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta and Shrishti are in the auto they try to call him but he does not pick up, Preeta thinks that he has picked the phone, she says that she knows that he is loving and cares for is brother but he must at least talk with her, Shrishti asks the driver to take them to the Luthra house, she tells that it is necessary the Preeta meets with Karan as he will be tensed.
Manisha does not agree but Karan says that she will have all the disposal of money that she needs, he makes her go into a state of confusion he says that he will do all that he can to arrest the true killer and will even not pressurize her at any point, she asks him for his confidence to their agreement, he makes a call assuring her of his intentions.
Everyone is waiting for Karan and not able to understand what he is planning to do, he comes with Manisha that leaves Preeta shocked, he after going to the stage apologizes for his short notice, he is about to announce, Manisha ask him to think again, she says that he must not regret it, Preeta takes him away from the stage asking what the matter, she asks Manisha to not talk in between, he says that she talk in front of her, she asks him what the matter is and he must not do anything that will harm his future, Manisha is left standing in confusion she tries to convince him to take his decision back, Manisha stops her saying that Karan is not a child and knows what he is doing.
Preeta stops Manisha asking her what the matter is and what is going on, Karan thinks that allot of hearts will break after his announcement but it is a risk that he has to take. Manisha says that Preeta must not think as she knows what is happening and must not say anything to her.
Karna announces on the stage that they all know the story between him and Manisha, how they met and what happened between them so he has tried to take a decision that he will marry Manisha in 5 days. Reporters ask him why so hurry, he says that he has a feeling that he will come out as he is innocent and so he is still hopeful. He will do everything for her and not let her face any problem, she will in 5 days be his wife. They again as him for his decision and if he is happy he says that he is along with Manisha.
They are still on the stage when Rakhi comes and slaps him leaving everyone shocked. Mahesh stops her asking what she is doing, she ask Karan what he is saying and what he said that he is going to marry Manisha who is the one behind Rishab going to jail she gets very emotional saying that he wants do what he feels like but should remember that when he was in jail Rishab never sat and did anything that he could for him, he in return is saying that he will marry, she doesn’t listen to anyone and even when Karina asks Karan to come with her but she says that when Karan is not ashamed of his actions then why does she need to talk with him, Dadi asks her to stop but she says that she needs to ask him what happened to him because he has lost the love he had for Rishab and his family. She says that he can marry her but there is not even a slightest chance that she will let her become her daughter in law, Manisha gets angry asking Rakhi to stop the emotional drama.
Manisha says that even if Rakhi does not want her to be the part of this family even then she will be his wife, Rakhi tries to slap her but Manisha take her hand threatening that she must not even think of doing this as they will have a fight at the same place, she after seeing that there are reporters tries to mold her actions, Preeta ask her to come with her, Rakhi says that she must think what Karan is thinking but she for the first time is thinking that the person standing in front of her is not her son and will never be again.

Precap: Rakhi in front of the media says that she has only one son that is Rishab, she has no relation with Karan anymore, this leaves everyone shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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