Kundali Bhagya 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Shristhi follow Manisha

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Sherlin is very worried thinking of what Preeta sad to her and how she insulted her and said a lot of bad things to her, she things that Preeta will never let her live in peace, she take out the photo album and is very angry to see Prithvi smile with Preeta, she says that she knows that Prithvi has started to like Preeta. Prithvi surprises Sherlin and enters without telling her, he tries to come sloe to her but she pushes him away saying that she knows that he has started to like Preeta and that she is now breaking up with him and that he must leave.
Preeta and Shrishti are in the market, Manisha is also in the same market near both of them, Preeta spots her in the mirror of a bike and is left amazed. She turns but is unable to find her, Shrishti asks her what the matter is she says that she saw the girl who put the blame on Karan, Shrishti asks if she is sure about the girl and they both run after her, Preeta find her hugging another boy. She says that she will not leave the girl until she tells the truth and she also has a plan, they stats to ru but he steps inside a car and gets away, they both get into an auto and follow.
Prithvi tries to calm her down and says that he does not love her but she say that she knows that he went to her house because she saw his car in front of her house, Prithvi says that he will tell her everything but only after she calms down and he also admits that he went ot her house, she then jumps in saying that he went their because he has started to love her. Sherlin takes up a lamp and says that she will hit him with it, he says that she must give him a chance to prove himself and then he tells her everything, from the starting saying that he thought that their family will do everything to take Karan out of Jail and so he went to Sarla and told her everything and also made her feel scared of the society so that she will come on his side and tell Preeta to not go to the Luthra’s and if she really wants to help him then she must choose either between her or Kara and this made her cry and go to her room, Sherlin hearing this brakes down and hugs him, he says that she always doubts him even when he loves her, she then shays that she only felt like this because he was getting closer to Preeta.
They both are hugging when her mother knocks and after coming in asks where she was she says that she went to the Mender to pray for Karan, Karan feels happy saying that only those who love each other come to help them in their hard time, Rakhi comes back with the holy food, Sherlin take sit from her saying that’s eh will distribute it, her mother asks her where is the food which she got, Sherlin thinks that she is not her mother as she always fids things to trap her I n front of everyone.
Sherlin says that she forgot it at home, Karina says that it doesnot matter as they are only happy if she went for her brother in law, Sherlin says that she was told by the Guru that someone did something wrong with Karan, Karina says that she feels he same but Dadi says that why si she believing in this kind of a thin when she doesn’t believe it herself, Sherlin says that they both have different views but she truly feel that someone wants Karan to go in jail. Sherlin says that she feels that he did this because of his wrong company, Rakhi stops her saying ta she must not target Preeta as if she was with Karan then he would still be with them, Dadi says that they teat Sarla as their family and she is sure that Sarla must have called her, Karin gets angry saying that she never did anything of the sort, Rakhi stops her and says that they both talked and she even said that she will he them in any matter.
Rishab comes with the lawyer and they ask Karan about the truth, Karan says that he is innocent and even has a girl to prove his innocence s she saw that Manisha drugged him. Karan says that Manisha drugged him and he even got confused as how did she got so high only after a single drink, he says that the witness saw everything, the lawyer says that they will bring the girl as the witness on the first day and then they will win the case, Karan disagrees saying that he does not want to ruin the girls life, Rishab also asks the lawyer to trust him and they both decide what to do. Karan says that they must find out about Manisha as she must have a partner to help her in the plan.

Precap; Manisha says that’s none will give any verdict against her as Prithvi made Preeta mother get scared of the society and now she will not let her go to the court. Preeta and Shrishti bring the car’s number to Rishab and Karan.

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