Kundali Bhagya 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Tapsi swtich her verdict in favor of Prithvi

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Kundali Bhagya 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com
Prithvi says he doesn’t know that girl. Karan calls him a liar, everyone has seen him in the video. Prithvi begins to blame Karan as everyone is watching what Karan wants them to, he considers Karan a liar and the video is morphed. Rishab tells him to deny being Prithvi as well, photos are morphed not video. Preeta was crying. Prithvi tells Sarla he didn’t dislike their blames, she cares for Preeta a lot and must have prayed for her happiness. He is like her son as well. He apologizes the guests for having to be a part of this drama, because this guy (Karan) hates him. He is happy that a lot of people like and care for Preeta; one being Rishab Luthra. Everyone was shocked. Prithvi says sometimes he feels a soft corner for Preeta in Rishab’s heart, all these people must like Preeta as she is so nice. His relation with Preeta has seen much ups and downs, he convinces himself that at least Preeta has a lot of well-wishers. Rishab tells Prithvi to be clear they hate him, everyone has witnessed the evidence. Prithvi clarifies he only cares for Arora family, he also accepts them because of Arora family. He has much problem because they interfere in Preeta’s life a lot, Karan likes Preeta a lot. Shrishti blames Prithvi is blaming Karan and Rishab and not replying them straight away. Prithvi says he is ready to reply to every question. Shrishti says when all of them hate him, why should Preeta marry him? Prithvi asks why she dislikes him, he hasn’t done any harm to her. Sarla asks a straight question from Prithvi again. Prithvi denies knowing the girl, the video is fake and morphed. This is to spoil his image. He denies the video as a proof, and calls it a fake one. Karan says he showed them the video, and now he will bring that girl. She will tell everyone the truth.
In the corridor, Sherlin was able to get Tapsi while she tries to run. Sherlin’s phone bell rings.
Prithvi wonders what if Karan fines Tapsi and Sherlin together, they will be caught badly. He stops Karan from leaving the hall, and questions why he is creating this drama. Karan says this isn’t a drama. Prithvi asks if he is doing this only to win the challenge. Karan says Prithvi is helpless right now. Prithvi pushes Karan away not ready to bear him call a name. Karan charges over Prithvi. Rishab stops the fight and holds Prithvi away. Prithvi asks if Karan wants to break his friend’s engagement. Karan says he won’t let the life of any girl ruined in hands of a bastard like him. Prithvi deters to blame Karan as well. Preeta requests Rishab to remain calm. Rishab asks Preeta to at least see the truth now, Karan has brought a proof as well. They only wish her to remain happy in her life, and this man isn’t worth her to marry. She must at least think twice before taking any decision. Karan says he will bring Tapsi to prove himself right. Shrishti murmurs to Preeta that she is sure she can take a U turn, it’s better she bids a bye to Prithvi. Preeta says she will break the engagement if this thing comes out true.
Tapsi meets Karan and Rishab in the corridor and comes to the hall with them. Prithvi was shocked to see her alive. Preeta thinks she will have to lose one of the two upon Tapsi’s verdict. If she says Karan is right, her family will again have to bear the disgrace of a broken engagement but if she says Karan is wrong, she will lose a good friend. Preeta requests Tapsi to tell the truth, it’s about her life. Tapsi promises Preeta she won’t let Preeta’s life ruin, she would call her a bad luck. She should have beautiful memories of engagement, but a few memories have to be sharp. Prithvi wish he had killed Tapsi. Tapsi tells Preeta that Prithvi cut her arm for which she is bandaged. Shrishti questions Prithvi if he doesn’t know her? Tapsi says Prithvi doesn’t know her, she only love him so much that she warned she won’t bear a second lady in his life. He snatched the knife and her hand was cut. Karan asks Tapsi why she is lying, she needn’t be afraid of him. Sherlin smirks looking towards Prithvi. Karan asks why Tapsi is making a story. Tapsi asks if he played her video on projector. Tapsi cries that hers was a one sided love for Prithvi. Tapsi denies everything and says this was all her imaginations. Karan was worried that everyone would now believe Tapsi.

PRECAP: Karan tells Preeta he wish he never considered Preeta as a friend but he still doesn’t wish she marries Prithvi. He only has to see how much she values him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. As usual just how Tanu got away with allbthe crap she did ….and now she end up marrying the fool ….the same thing is going to happen with this show

    1. Agreed! So tired of seeing the same crappy storylines between Kumkum Bhagya and this one. Sherlin and Prithvi are Kundali’s version of Tanu and Aaliya. So boring!

    2. Mellu

      yeah agree with you

  2. Total stupidity. Nonsense. Same like kumkum bhagya. It continues..

  3. Mellu

    today’s episode they simply stretched out like hell with their nonsense speech , prithvi tried his best to get out of it, thank god this Rishab and shrishti supported karan

  4. Kavitha Supramaniam

    not sure why this show.gets a high rating

    1. Mellu

      yeah, there are many other serials which are far better than kundali bhagya and deserve top ratings

  5. Simply making the story boring they don’t even know to make a family only showing all crap things love marry divorce die other duplicate that it made it boring

  6. As expected……

    1. Mellu

      yes dora as expected..

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