Kundali Bhagya 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan gives Rithwick a ride

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Sherlin watch Karan and Ritik together and goes down the car to hear what’s cooking. There at Luthra’s house, Preeta and others come to Rishab worried and decide to call Karan.
Karan gets into the car after dropping Ritik, Sherlin comes right behind the car and hear Karan speak to Preeta and others. Karan tells them that Ritik is now on their side and not Prithvi, they will pay him money and he will spit everything against Prithvi in front of everyone. Sherlin was worried that Prithvi may get trapped by Ritik, she must do anything to keep Ritik away from the Luthra family. Karan says Prithvi must be shocked to see Ritik invited from their side to the party tomorrow. Karan drives the car. Sherlin dials a number.
After the car, Shrishti was excited to tell everyone about the celebrations

in party next day. Rishab says they will tell everyone about the celebrations on spot. Shrishti says she feels really hungry now. Sameer asks if she wants to have some snacks or full meal. Shrishti demands for chips and goes to the kitchen to get them. Sameer follows her.
…Rishab turns and b umps into Preeta, It turns into a romantic scene, Preeta asks if he is okay, he says that he only needs to get his phone after that they get into the same problem, Preeta gets annoyed and holds him correcting the problem ,she asks if he is okay, he also agrees.
Shrishti and Samer reach the kitchen, they start to fight over who will get the chips, they are sharing when Preeta comes, she sees the both of them and is curious that they both might have something more then just friendship between them, Preeta thinks of catching them when they have no other thing but to confess, and it is because if she does this now then they will reject it which is not a good thing.
Sherlin is looking for her phone because she must tell everything to Rithik, he is in his washroom, he gets calm thinking that now is eyes have stopped blinking, which means that their plan is safe, he thinks of what he came to look for , then he starts searching for the file and gets angry when he is not able to find it because everyone demands everything from him, he thinks that he is the one with the personality and what a game he has played, making everyone his pawns including Sherlin and Rithik and Manisha.
Prithvi calms himself down, he again calls but no one picks the phone, Karan is passing by and he seeing the ringing picks it up, Prithvi after the call is picked starts to sing without asking who it is, Karan hearing Prithvi’s heartily wishes gets really paranoid and when he makes him listen to his heartbeat, he gets amazed, Prithvi says that he has decided to wear the color which she likes, Karan is not able to resist and changing his voice starts to talk with him, he immediately knows that it is not her and after that Karan start to annoy him, saying that he is an idiot, Preeta also does not love him and she said it to him, Karan starts to yell, Prithvi also yells and they both get into a fight blaming each other.
Karan say that when he gets loving he gets really angry, Karan says that he is not the favorite of anyone and not even the dog like him, Karan says that he will be with her from now on, Prithvi says hat he must give the phone to Preeta and has no right to pick It up
Karan ends the call and leaves, Prithvi gets really angry and says that he is about to get married and now no one will be able to break their bond.
Sherlin is driving and thinking that she must tell Prithvi everything that she has found because he must plan it accordingly otherwise they will fail, she starts to call he again and again because otherwise they will get into a lot of problem, she calls him repeatedly,
Prithvi is very angry and says that Karan picked the phone and not even made her talk with him, he calls her again but she does not answer, he starts to wonder if Karan and Preeta have some kind of a relation.

Precap: Prithvi and Sherlin are talking on the phone, she is not able to control the car and gets into an accident.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks Sana for updating such a dash serial on regular basis.

  2. Oh God.. Really dragging for the past 1year. Ekta’s serials are too much.. The evil takes ages to get caught and the evil are all over and at the right place at the right time so that they are already aware of the plan that is being plotted against them. But the good are always losing and planning always get flopped… Good times don’t last for more than 2 episodes and once again evil wins. TIME TO BAN EKTA..

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