Kundali Bhagya 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Prithvi is not able to steal the phone

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Preeta comes into the room but is not able to find anything, she is looking when Karan calls her name she goes near him but he pulls her closer, she is not able to break free and so wakes him up asking him to leave her, he asks her why she was in his room and what is doing, she says that she came to check as there was some sound in his room.
He starts to argue asking what she is doing in his room, she says that he must be thinking of her in his dreams, she asks him of Billa phone they both start to search for the phone but are not able to find it just then Shrishti also comes and asks Preeta whys he left her, she says that they are not able to find the phone, Both of them cream leaving Karna and Samer shocked asking what the matter is they say that there is a cockroach behind the sofa.
Karan goes to look just then lights go off, He ask Samer to go and find out the problem. Sherlin is the one behind the outage and thinks that this might give Prithvi some time to escape just then the servants also gets curios and come towards the room.
Karan says that he cannot understand why the lights went out, he throws the phone and distracting those escapes from the room, Karan goes and checking it says that it is Billa phone, Shrishti asks how the phone could go there.
Samer says that it is a worst day as all the bad things are happening, he tries to check for the solution and finds that there was a lose fuse so when he corrects it the list come back, he sees someone’s shadow just when he is about to look Karan calls him and he goes back.
He comes and says that they all must go back to sleep, Preeta also agrees saying that they must wake up early as thy have to go and get the phone opened, Shrishti is still doubt full and not convinced.
Prithvi tries to escape but there is guard at the front door, he sees the opportunity and leaves while running, Sherlin also comes and sits, he gets scared and is about to explain himself when she says that he must go as they will get caught, he asks her what she is doing here, she says that she came to help him, she asks what help did she gave, she says that she was the phone behind the power outage after which he thanks her and they leave.
Karna and everyone are at his friend office and they are waiting for him to open the phone, he comes and says that this is not a problem as he can do it, when they check it Karna check sit but is not able to find it and then he says that there is no memory card in it.
Karna gets frustrated and leaves from the office, he gets really hyper and starts bagging on the cars door not listening to anyone saying that he promised to bring Rishab out but was not able to do.
Prithvi and Sherlin are celebrating, he picks it up saying that he took it out just when he was about to be caught, he knew that all the data from the phone was in this card so he took it.
Karan says that he is going, Preeta requests to go with him but he is very angry saying that he will go alone. Samer ask him to calm down, he says that he will do everything alone. He leaves, Shrishti thinks of whether she should tell Preeta the feeling that she had the last night but doubting her thoughts does not tell her.
Prithvi says that Karna would have gone to this friend with hope and when there was nothing he would have gotten very angry, Prithvi hugs her thinking that eh must do anything to prevent Karan from getting closer to Preeta.
Karna is driving the car thinking what Manisha said in the court room, he thinks ha it is because of her words that Rishab is in jail and he case has gotten very complicated so he must do anything as he knows that Rishab is not murder.
Karan goes to Manisha, she asks him why he came back and that does he still think that Rishab is innocent, he says that he knows that he got angry with her in the court room, he also got paid for his doings, he says that he has some work to discuss, she says that Preeta also came but she did what she thought was right, she asks him what he wants to say, he says that he has come to promise her half of the property, she is not convince but she says that she will not get anything form this.
He says that he will marry her and it will not be the case, they will be husband and wife and all she has to do is to take the case back and, he ask her to think.

Precap: Manisha asks her for his proof, Karan takes her and announces that he is going to marry her in 5 days, everyone is shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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