Kundali Bhagya 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rishab throws Sherlin out of Luthra Mansion

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Kundali Bhagya 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta yells at Raj ordering that he tell the truth, he explains that it was Sherlin who paid him and also gave the order that he kill Sarla, Karina comes to her and slaps her saying that she trusted her and even married Rishab with her but she was the one who destroyed them, Sherlin blames Sarla for lying but she say that it is her who is a liar and also that Raj is the one who is telling the truth.
Karina says that she will be the one to correct the mistakes, Shrishti also follows her, she goes into the room and is taking out her clothes, Shristhri also comes and helps her, also saying that she should remain careful from, her because she is very clever, Karina asks her to bring the clothes but thinking that she was the one who brought her so now she will throw her out.
Preeta and Karan are both looking at each other and thinking that she told him the truth but he never believed her and now that it was the kidnapper who himself the truth he now believes him, Sherlin turns to Rishab asking him to trust her but he explains that he trusts each and everything that Preeta has said, Sherlin gets angry thinking that they only trust Preeta, she starts to go to everyone explaining that she is not speaking lies,
Preeta says that Karan was always against the wedding and she was not trusting her and that he first saw that she was not a good girl, she vowed that she will not let Sherlin get married with Rishab she came with the proof but Sherlin stopped her showing a video that’s he made of her mother, she also locked her in a room, but she somehow escaped because she had to save her mother. she explains that she could not do it and that what did not happen will now take place which is that she will throw her out of the house, Sherlin asks her to stop saying that she will never leave this house from such baseless accusations, running to raj saying him to speak the truth she tries to hit him but Prithvi takes him away saying that it is their right and she cannot disturb their witness. Sherlin starts to act that she is the one who has been victimized asking that she tell the truth otherwise her bad wishes will really hurt him.
Sherlin asks her to not throw her out of this house and not take out her anger on her, She also goes to everyone asking that they trust her as she is the one who is speaking the truth, She also asks Rishab to trust her and that he vowed to stand by her in each wrong and right, Preeta request that eh not trust her because Sherlin is lying and that she is not a good person, Karan also explains that she is not a good person however he is her husband and so has the right to decide what to do with her.
Shrishti is with Samer and is not able to explain her feelings, she say that now everything will happen for the right reasons.
Rishab holds Sherlin’s hands saying that she said she was his wife and they vowed to stand by each other in each and every moment but now that he knows their wedding was based on a lie then there is no relation of husband and wife, he throws her out of the house. She does not leave and comes back in asking Karina to trust her, she says that no one will be able to live happily if she goes away, Raj yells them to stop, he says that she was right and if it would have been her sister, he would never do such a thing which he did now, she was right and has stopped him from doing such an evil act.
Prithvi goes to him and says that he must speak the truth otherwise they will hurt him really bad, Shrishti comes to him asking that’s he will beat him to death if he does not speak the truth, Sarla also asks that he has said the truth and why is he backing from what he said, Sherlin thanks him asking the name of the person on whose order he said it, he says that it was Preeta and Sarla.

Precap: Sarla is trying to explain that Sherlin is not a god choice for them, Rakhi asks her to stop mentioning that she trust her but this does not mean that she can say anything against her family, so she will have to ask her to leave and never come back.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. It’s waste even to comment on this serial.shit serial

  2. True..I’m done. Bullshit dragging story

    1. Too much of dragging and be with villains side and letting down hero total boring

  3. Bakwas seriel no matter how bad comments makers see they will keep on dragging story line boring total boring be with shirlyn and Prithvi u don’t care because I stop watching from today Shame on makers always letting down prtia

  4. I understand that Balaji is a business enterprise and keeping the show running means more profit but it doesn’t mean who insult your viewers’ intelligence in every episode. Shirshti recorded everything and everyone conveniently forgets it. Sherlyn and Prithvi meet and scream at each other in Luthra house and nobody ever hears them. Sarla met Rishab before the wedding and he know has amnesia about it and there are so many these kind of stupid incidents that are shown and Ms.Ekta thinks everone has a short memory and she is only intelligent one while actually she is the ”mourkhon ki maharani”.

    1. ok Sam, or anyone, please translate “Mourkhon ki maharani”. I agree with all the comments already here. It appears that a mediocre mind (Ekta) has lowered standards so completely that she truly believes that everyone is less than her mediocrity. She’s a good cashier though, isn’t she?

  5. I l stop watching.I jus knw dey will never expose Sherlin but will show the triumps of the villian instead

  6. sunanda pallapati

    I already know this is what going to happen . because that blood bastard took hime out he must have manipulated him. truly dirty story. . why are they continuing this story like this . it’s good that kiran leaving this show. he will be degraded like this there is no point hero should continue in this bullshit.

    1. SsiyAa

      my dear who said he is leaving the show?.. no, he is not… he left DID reality show anchor job to be with this serial and hence now karan wahi is anchor of that reality show… dheeraj doopar is not going anywhere and still part of this serial same like he was part of sasural simar for long.. we all know there was nothing for him in that serial, but still he was part of that crap for long and the same is happening here.. what an actor want income and popularity.. and ekta is offering both to them as it is viewers who is giving trp of 2.9, 2.8, 2.5 to serials like kumkum bhagya, kundali bhagya, and kzk.. and all these craps are of ekta and we are audience who is watching this and giving them reason that we don’t want change and still love non-effortless melodramatic and senseless scripts and ekta is on height…

  7. Story is so much dragging …people are losing interest in this serial …

  8. Hi I’m from South Africa and I really think it’s utter nonsense. I mean it’s almost a year now and the story of sherlin does not get finish. How much more should preeta prove she is right. I think it’s time to expose her and let her now live a miserable life little and prove she can be good also. Bring a new story. What happen to shristi Nd Samer love story.

  9. Bakhwas serial. Is serial me pritvi n sherlin hero heroin lagte hain. Is serial ka montage bhi prutvi shrlin ka dikhana chahiye. Karan n preeta ka love story dikhana chahiye. Serial ka title n story ka kuch lena dena nahi he. Abhi 6months chodke yeh serial dekhenge toh story toh wanhi par hoga. Hamesha sherlin, prutvi ka jeet. Bakhwas

  10. Never seen where evil prevails over good . It took just. Video for Karan to lose faith in Preeta and to believe sherlin the wicked one This series a disaster

  11. Anisha Ramrathan

    Its sad to state this- but this story line is dragging on forever. All is shows the viewers is that evil wins over good, its shows lies succeed over the truth. There are no morals, lessons and ethics learnt from this serial. Sherlin and Prithvi have long drawn conversions in the Luthra house yet no one sees or hears them… very strange dont you think. Kidnapping mothers, putting bombs in purses being pregnant from last year is just crazy and her tummy is not showing… the writer here has lost the plot completely and has lost alot of support and viewers in the process.

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