Kundali Bhagya 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Prithvi comes across Preeta-Karan in the party

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Sherlin and Prithvi take a drink for themselves. A girl fellow take Sherlin to hear the college confession. Prithvi promises to join her soon. Karan was furious to see Preeta dance with Nitin and was thankful she didn’t let him hold herself. Prithvi and Vikaas discuss whom in Nitin dancing with? Vikaan takes him to their own girls. Preeta asks Nitin about life. Nitin flirts as it feels good after meeting her. Preeta says she is sure he must have met Sherlin after so long. Nitin asks if she knows about him and Sherlin. Preeta laughs that everyone else knew about them. Nitin says Preeta is really pretty, he can’t take his eyes off since she was about to have an accident. Preeta signals if it was when Sherlin was hugging her boyfriend? And poses to be recalling her name. Nitin asks if she doesn’t remember the one Sherlin left him for. He takes Preeta to meet them but she was afraid. Preeta tries to inquire about Sherlin’s boyfriend’s name. Nitin asks if she isn’t interested in him. Preeta says in days of college as well, he and Sherlin looked great together. Nitin says he couldn’t be with Sherlin but he can be with Preeta. Preeta conditions that Nitin must tell her the name of Sherlin’s boyfriend first. Nitin had only hint that it starts with P; Karan comes to part them away saying Preeta is his girl.
Sarla gets emotional watching a television commercial.
Prithvi and guys join the girls. Sherlin asks why they got so late. Vikaas says someone had stolen Prithvi’s drink. Sherlin was in a disbelief that Prithvi could lend his belonging to someone else. Prithvi says Sherlin wasn’t there and he was lost in her thoughts. The friends compliment their relationship compatibility and perfection and inquire when they are going to marry. Prithvi says Sherlin will marry Rishab Luthra in the next two days, and he will marry Preeta in a week. And three days later, he and Sherlin will leave for their honeymoon. Everyone was confused about the planning.
There, Preeta asks Karan why he forced her to dance with him. Karan argues if she couldn’t find anyone else but that flirt guy; how she could even dance with him. Preeta says that Nitin was going to tell her the real name of Sherlin’s boyfriend. Karan doesn’t trust her. Preeta asks why Karan didn’t make any effort towards their mission today. Karan says it’s because he doesn’t like someone else touching Preeta.
Everyone tease Nitin. Prithvi complains they are meeting after so long, still Nitin is busy with girls. Nitin says she was their junior in college and was inquiring a lot about Sherlin. Nitin recalls the name of the girl to be Preeta. Sherlin and Prithvi were left in a state of shock. Nitin asks Sherlin if she ever met her and holds her hand. Prithvi breaks a glass and warns Nitin to touch Sherlin again. He takes Sherlin away. Vikaas forbids Nitin to touch Sherlin again.
Preeta turns to leave and tells Karan she doesn’t need his protection. Karan reminds saving her from that contractor’s son. Preeta argues she also saved him from all those girls. Preeta was enraged, Karan laughs that she must get a glass of water for herself. Preeta leaves to get water.
Prithvi and Sherlin decide to look around the club and find out of Preeta and Karan are here. They go in opposite directions.
Preeta asks for a glass of water at the bar. Prithvi breaks a glass out of shock. Preeta turns to
Prithvi comes at the bar where Preeta was having the water. The glass breaks from his hand. He turns to see Karan on the other side. He takes a flee hiding his face behind the mask. Preeta looks around for him.

PRECAP: Prithvi silently stuffs a packet into Karan’s pocket. The police finds the drug pack in his pockets. Preeta was worried why they have caught Karan, he tells Preeta they found drugs in his pocket.

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  1. Why is it they are spending so much on many casts and decorations and dressings when they do not have a base story at all. Seeing that it is a spin-off of Kumkum bhagya, does not have any relevant story to match it. All relationships new and fake. Endless fightings between Karan and Preeta when they have only met recently, no basis to show such close relationship. Story has started beating about the bush with new characters being introduced unnecessarily. I think it is a nice strategy to have started as a spin-off since an anticipation for similarities in stories has brought so much attention and top position to KDB but in fact the lack of story getting exposed now. The Arora ladies presence is also going to lose importance soon. It will be better to get Preeta married to one of the Luthra brothers since she is already behaving as if she is the bahu of that house, bossing around both the brothers and leave Sarla maa and RS Dadi to go and look after Pragya and to remember Bulbul now and then.

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