Kundali Bhagya 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi tells Sarla everything

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    Shrishti and Preeta both hug Karan right before they ae about to leave Preeta looks back in a very sad face and leaves, Karan thinks of the moment he spent with her.Prithv is driving his car Prithvi says that Preeta only belongs to him and he will not lose her, he passes Sherlin without noticing her who is also saying that she will not lose Prithvi to her.
    Karan says that he feels very good after being with Preeta and he feels that the way she looked at him in the last moment he felt that she will not meet him, he thinks that his head is playing games and this cannot be the case.
    Rakhi gets a call from a reporter who is asking her questions regarding Karan, she gets agry warning him to not make a news of her words, she says that she believes in Kara and knows that he is not a criminal, she ends the call hen again the phone the rings and she without seeing yells the caller, it turns out to be Sarla who says that she knows that Karan is not guilty as she personally knows him and she can call them all at any moment, Rakhi also says that she feels good after talking with her and it feels very good to know that someone else also believes in Karan, Sarla thanks Bi Jee for giving her the courage to call Rakhi as she was in dire need to talk with someone who is her friends, Bi Jee asks if she really trusts Karan.
    Preeta and Shrishti look for an auto, Sherlin sees Preeta and then pushes her, Shrishti comes from behind and also pushes her, saying that she doesn’t what they can do to her as she is also a stupid and very low character girl and must not judge them, she then blames their mother at which Preeta get angry and says that she must not say a word again against her and she must never r judge her relation with anyone, she the leaves saying that a wave of badness has spread in the air.
    Dadi comes with a car key asking the driver to come with her to the police station as she badly wants to meet Karan, Sameer and their sister also come and are adamant to go with her and when they are still talking Karina come and hears everything from behind, she comes and calls everyone including Mahesh and Rishab, they all come and ask Dadi to come into the house who gets depressed hearing all this and starts to cry , she still remains adamant to go to the police station, Rishab says that they will go and takes everyone excluding Karina with him to the police station.
    Prithvi tells everything to Sarla, Preeta and Shrishti comes Sarla asks them where they both were, she is very angry and starts to yells at them, Shrishti says that they both went to have dinner with each other, Preeta says that they both went to meet Karan at which Sarla asks the reason saying that she told them to not go to that house as they all blames her and said bad things of her character even after that she still wants to meet them, Sarla says that she never trusts her mother an what she has to do with those people, Preeta tries to make her realize that Karan was blamed and has t nothing to do with what he has been blamed of, Sarla pressurizes them saying that they always do what they feel like and do not need them, she adds that it would be better if she died, they both have no importance of her saying that she would not have known if Prithvi did not tell her, they wonder why he did this as he knows the truth.
    Preeta tries to convince her but she says that it may be because she met them, both after a long time and she was not able to give them both the upbringing they need to be a good citizen, Preeta says that it not the case they both have always held her in high regard and will never disobey her, Preeta then tells her everything and how she was locked in the bathroom and that was also someone’s doing who wanted to take revenger from her.

    Precap; Sherlin says to Prithvi that they are both done with eachother,Preeta sees Manisha in the market.

    Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Is Sherlin break up with Prithvi?

  2. Is Sherlin break up with Prithvi?

  3. Is Sherlin Break up Prithvi?

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