Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeta refuses to file any case

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Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta turns to make tea when Kappu asks her to make two more tea cups as they have some guests.
Sherlin asks Karina what is the solution saying that Sarla along with her family will seek revenge and when Karan threw her out of the house the last time then she had gotten Mahesh in coma she fears that she will do the same to them all this time, as the matter is quiet serious.
Karina explains that she has a solution which will prevent them from making Karan destroy his life, they all ask what it is to which she replies that they will marry Karan to another girl as he has married Preeta only in front of the society but they have still not registered the marriage so if they marry him then even the Auroras register a case even then they will not be able to do anything because he will have

his legal wife with him.
She asks Sherlin to go and call Karan as she want to talk with him, when she leaves Karina informs Rakhi and her mother that if they love Preeta more than Karan then they can take her side but if Preeta remains Karan’s wife than they will lose their son forever, and they only chance they have is to marry him to another girl.
Sarla asks who has Kappu brought with him, he explains that she was the one who called him, she says that she got tensed and so called him because she wanted to take revenge from Karan and was really angry, Kappu explains that she told him that she wants to take revenge so he has taken care of it.
Sarla explains that she thought of it the entire night and knows the Luthras have wronged Preeta she however does not want to register any case as she wants that Preeta remain happy and not be more tensed, Kappu explains that he will not rest until he takes revenge from the Luthras, he explains that they will demand money from them, Sarla does not agree with his plans, then the lawyer comes, Kappu asks him to come inside without listening to anything that Sarla says.
He brings the lawyer inside and when Sarla tries to explain that they do not want to register any case, Preeta comes asking what the matter is, the lawyer stand s up saying that he is like her big brother and knows she has been wronged, The lawyer explains that he has married her against her wishes and the immediately after it he left her on the sidewalk, so they can also charge her with domestic violence, Preeta is not able to understand asking what he means to which the lawyer says that they will ask them for a big amount and if they refuse then they can send him in jail, Kappu feels that they can agree to this plan.
Karan is with Rishab, he asks why Karan is explaining what he did, he tries to defend himself but Rishab says that he is feeling sorry for what he did with Preeta, Karan asks him to stay out of the matter as it is between him and Preeta. They are talking when Sherlin comes asking him to come down as everyone is calling him. They both leave and Sherlin thinks that Preeta was not able to marry any of the brothers making her the only one who will control the wealth that the Luthras have.
They come down, Karina explains to Karan that she did not like Preeta from the start and knew that she is greedy, there is only one solution that he marry a girl who is of the same social status which they enjoy, both Karan and Rishab refuse to accept her idea and leave, she says to Rakhi that if she wants to protect her son then she should convince him to marry someone else.
Preeta does not believe in the idea saying that she will not become a part of this and will not charge Karan with anything, Kappu tries to convince her, she does not agree saying that she does not want any money from them, he explains that they have cheated on her and are under estimating her so they can show them that they are not weak, she refuses saying that she will not use her situation to take money from them and does not want any part in this.
The lawyer request that they inform her as she doesn’t know anything about the world, they knew that he married her yet they still did not come to take her, he says that they can also make them all come to the police station. Preeta says that she was wronged by Karan and their family has no stand in anything.
Shrishti says that the lawyer is right and they should file a case on them, if Preeta doesn’t want to use the money she can donate it, but they will not file any case, Janki and Kappu also feel that they should file the case, Preeta responds that she has no value of money in her life and if she has to donate it then she will do the act with the money she earns by her own work.
The lawyer asks her to reconsider she explains that she has thought it and they will not file any case, she leaves and then Sarla explains that she has said what she thinks so if this is what she wants then she will stand with her daughter.
Karan is driving to his training when he thinks of the moments spent with Preeta, he stops the car and is about to call her when he thinks that it is Preeta and it is actually her, he gets out of the car going to meet her, he is walking towards her.

Precap: Preeta says that she wants to live her life again and they all can live their life with happiness, Rakhi says that if he hates Preeta and taking revenge was what he wanted then he should be happy but he is not looking happy at all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Isn’t Rakhi supposed to be the head of the family with her husband in a coma? Or Mahash’s mother? Why is Karina behaving like the head of the family? Do these women, as they wait for instructions from Karina/Sherlyn… do not any of these mothers have any trust for their ADULT children who have careers etc and are clearly able to think for themselves? Why do they treat their adult children like chess pieces in a game that they wish to win? Are all of them so busy worshipping their money that they cannot see the evil in their midst? the criminal liars (sherlyn) and the old aunt who has no life so decides that she will control everyone else’s life in her brother’s home? Gee, I wonder if/when you have too much money, then you forget all about ‘life’ because the shiny light of all the gold makes you dumb, deaf and blind. Omigawd! We have deaf, dumb and blind people running our lives and our countries. What to do?

  2. Sherlyn is pregnant for the past 6 months where is the reality of this, story should look more real in this modern age way too much deceit and no truth comes out of it so crazy at times I love the whole cast that’s the reason I’m watching but I get fed up at times why Preeta has to go thru all that trial ?

    1. Verma4

      Past 6 months ?? Try 2 years.

  3. it is time that kareena had to do something about her character. she is a hater. kareena had to be ashamed of this behavior. Sherlin was supposed to be her daughter. they are both devils.
    Sherlin keeps doing her dirty work. no one notices anything. but if the good people did something they would already have been caught

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