Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan and Preeta fight

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Rishab leaves, Sarla asks Shrishti to go and change, she also leaves to go and give Janki medicine, Dadi is thinking that Rishab loves Preeta even after he is engaged with Sherlin and so she will keep an eye on him so that she can be sure and only then she will tell Sarla.
Kara is thinking that he will not talk with Preeta, he then calls her and is angry that he will not talk with her but only wants to know why she did not pick up his call, she says that she was taking her clothes out but then he says that he is less important than her clothes, she gets angry about when he only compares himself with her things and Sameer, she asks what he wants to say after that he says that she was jealous of him,. she says that she is not jealous but then she he says that he saw her and knows that he felt

jealous when she saw him dance with Manisha, He says that he knows she is jealous and knows that’s he I thinking the same, she gets amazed as how does he know this.
He says that she must listen to what he has to say, and that he never understood her at first but now really feels for her, she is his best friend and that she must not search for him as he is not there, he say that he knows that she really likes him and is jealous, she then says that he is really overestimating himself and she must sleep as she is tired,.
Rishab is driving the car and thinking of what happened with him and Preeta, eh thinks that she has done a lot for his family even after fighting with Karan. Preeta and Karan are both thinking of how good she is.
Manisha is at her house when she hears the bell and thinking that it is Rithvick she runs happily but is really Rakhi, Dadi and Karina, she gets shocked buy seeing them all at her door, they ask if she would ask them to come in, she greets and then they all sit, Manisha is very conscious about their coming and asks the reason after that they say that they all want her to come to Rakhi’s birthday party, Manisha understands what is happening and openly disagrees.
Preeta is walking very tensely, she looks at Sameer and then they all ask her the reason, she says that she is really tensed about what is happening in Manish’s house, Rishab says that he knows this and that they must really take care and if something goes wrong at her house then she will understand what is happening and will be really alert which is a bad thing for their plan.
Shrishti comes in saying that Manisha will find out, Rishab is about to call them but they all take it, Rishab asks why Shrishti took his phone, Preeta says that she took it but it is because she has done something really important and is right.
Rakhi asks why Manisha is not coming, Dadi says that there is nothing more important in a wife’s life then her mother in law and so she must really come, Karina stops them when they force her and then she starts to praise her for her sophistication, Manisha thinks that it is only Karina who she can trust and that she thinks that Karina is someone who she can rust, Rakhi says that she has agreed and now she must eat the sweets, Rakhi gives her, Karina then hands her a card which is of her engagement she says that her engagement is in the same week, Manisha gets amazed at this and starts to cough, Dadi says that she got trapped, Rakhi gets shocked at what Dadi said. Dadi says that the sweets got stuck, She asks Rakhi to go and get water Dadi Says that she will go and slap her at the back and everything will be fine but then she slaps her, Dadi then gives her the card and they ask her for the phone number if her parents to which she refuses.

Preeta explains to Rishab that they took the phone because they really wanted the plan to succeed, Rishab agrees and then says that he really understands everything he said because she is very intelligent, she teases Karan and he gets annoyed, She then delegates everyone their duties, Karan says that he will do what she did with him in the party and Preeta says that she will record it this time for a proof of what happened.

Precap: Karan says to Preeta that she is very different from others who are close to him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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