Kundali Bhagya 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeta comes to tell the truth to the Luthra Family.

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Raj pleads them to first take him to the Luthra house as then he will tell the truth, Shrishti however says that he has to first tell them and he says that he did it because he was ordered by Sherlin to kill her as she has seen her marrying another person and also that she should not be able to stop the wedding, Shrishti also records it while he is speaking.
They are about to know the name of the person behind the mask but just then the doorbell rings and it is Prithvi, he comes un asking what has happened and what the problem, Sarla tells him and he is shocked to hear that they have learned the entire truth, Raj is also shocked to hear his voice and gets amazed after seeing him.
Rishab reaches the house of Preeta thinking each and everything that Karan said, he thinks that he is not sure of anything right now and also does not know how to correct it but he really wants to talk to her, Mahesh calls him asking that he come home, Rishab immediately leaves.
Prithvi tries to take him out but Shrishti days that they will salon go and want to tell everyone at the Luthra house the truth, Prithvi thinks of what he can do to make them leave him but they do not listen and ask him to help them, he ask that they come and he will take raj outside as he is really clever.
Rishab comes home, Mahesh is standing asking him what he is doing to solve the crisis at the business because he did not do anything, Rishab asks for some time as he will solve each and everything,. Mahesh says that he is not worrying for the business but rather that he destroyed his own cabin and is in a very serious mental condition, Mahesh request that he control himself, he says that he has to relax.
Rishab walks past Samer who thinks that Sherlin has really destroyed his brother’s life and he will take revenge, Sherlin is planning what she will do for her future and that she will throw Kartika out of the house and after that will throw everyone out to take control of the mansion.
Rishab comes into Karan’s room and explains that he is not feeling well, Rishab explains that he feels he is going into a trap which he cannot get out off, Karan gets really worried seeing him and asks that he give divorce to Sherlin, Rishab gets shocked saying that it is not so easy and that everyone will ask a lot of question top which he will not be able to answer, He also says that what he will to the judge, Karan explains that he will provide the excuses, Rakhi calls him asking hat he come down to eat as he to do with Sherlin, Karan says that he will not come, Rishab says that he will think of the divorce after he comes down with him to eat.
Sherlin is with Rishab on the dining table and they are about to eat when Preeta stops her saying that there is no need for her to do this acting and he time in the Luthra mansion is over, Sherlin accuses her for playing with her but Preeta says that she is acting and is behind her kidnap.
Rishab asks her who the man is, she says that she does not know him, Sarla speaks form behind asking does not she knot remember that he is the one who had kidnapped her on Sherlin’s orders, hearing this the entire Luthra family is left shunned having no words to say, Sarla keeps on going saying that he was working on her orders and was even there when she came to meet Sarla after the wedding was over. Karina gets furious asking Preeta what the hell this is, Sarla defends her saying that she is telling the truth, Sherlin is not the right choice for the family.
Preeta explains to Karan that he will realize who has betrayed him and who was betrayed and who was the one behind it, Shrishti ask him to tell them, Preeta explains to Karan that he asked her why she was late, she came to the wedding late because Raj kidnapped her mother as she saw her marrying some other person, everyone is shocked and don’t know what to do, Sarla explains that she saw her marrying another person and stopped her but she ran, so Sarla herself came to the Luthra family to tell the truth but she was told that Shrishti has gotten into an accident and is yearning for her so she immediately left, Raj was standing outside saying that he saw where the accident happened and will take her there, she sat with him on his motorbike but he instead kidnapped her and took her to the old factory.
Preeta explains that she got a message form Sarla mobile that she is going to attend her friend’s wedding, it was really Sherlin who did this in order to show them the wrong scent.

Precap: Raj explains that it was Sherlin who gave him the money and she had also given the order to kill Sarla, Karina comes to Sherlin and slaps her.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Leisa s morris

    Im afraid I dont believe dis,im sure its someones imagination or sherlyn will fibd a way out and preeta den will b accused of causibg trouble or some other shit. If on d other hand its true and sherlyns true character is fibally revealed she still will hold ob to rishab somehow. Probably by threatening their house respect. U know how writers lijes making characters do tings for their respect

  2. the precap would surely be a dream??abhi tak ke episode se itna jaan gayi hoon!!!?

  3. sunanda pallapati

    ye I am sure this is somebodyS dream. writers will not easily expose the dirty duo.stupid foils story.

  4. stop looking at the show its very impossible fabels story shrylin and Prithvi always win they r the real star this goes on in every rich house every day in India

  5. Ekta Kapoor is quite overbearing with these illusions she creates in all her shows!

  6. It will also a dream sequence of Sherlin or Prithvi. As we know since two years Sherlin is pregnant and Prithvi always escaped from being caught. No worry for the villains nothing happens to them in Ekta Kapoor’ s drama. It is a waste of time to watch these shows.

  7. Ekta’s another pathetic show.

  8. Plz stop this drama can’t able to watch always winning the evil.fed up

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