Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Rishab argues Karan as to why he married Preeta

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Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rishab is left astonished hearing that Karan has married Preeta, she says that he must not worry as he has not brought her home with him, she explains the entire story after which Rishab leaves in anger, she starts tyo smile, he goes to his room and seeing that he is lying on the floor, he wakes him up asking why he has done this, Karan says that he ash told everyone and he must go and talk with them, Rishab says that he could take him to the police, Karan taunts him saying that he can take him, Rishab says that he should not have done this, Karan talks with him in frustration saying that he should not defend Preeta because what he did is not ethical, Karan and him are both having argument, he says that Rishab has feelings for her, Rishab emotions that he doesn’t feel anything for her and if

he did it with any other girl then he would say the same thing,
Rishab says that he has committed a crime for which he can be taken to court, Karan exclaims that if wants him to do justice then he also wants justice, Rishab asks what justice he wants he explains that he wants his father to wake up and hug his brother, Rishab gets emotional seeing this, Karan says that they have broken as a family and it is because of Preeta, Rishab sits with him saying that he cannot stand by side after what he has done but will never forgive him, Karan asks if he thinks that he is wrong, Rishab pleads that he should ask himself.
Preeta is crying after leaning on Shrishti’s shoulder, Sarla comes saying that she told her to cry as much as she wants in the night but she wishes to see a smiling Preeta the next morning, she also asks her to take off the jora, Shrishti says that brides db not take it out till after a year, she explains that it is when they are considered as a bride, she takes off the bangles assuring Preeta that things will be fine, she kisses her so that she can remain calm, she then orders Preeta to change her clothes.
Preeta sits in front of the dressing table, she starts to take off her jeweler, remembering how she thought that her special day will be the start of a new life but instead it has been the start of a punishment for the crime which she never committed, she then sees the Mangal Suture and remembers that Karan promised to be with her side till the end, she seeing the mang cries but there is no one to console her.
Dadi is sitting on the breakfast table, she is not eating, Dadi asks Rakhi is Karan is still sleeping, Sherlin explains that Rishab is in Karan’s room with him, Rakhi asks if he came to know what Karan did with Preeta, Karina asks her what can Rishab do, Karina asks Rakhi is she was not able to sleep and what was she thinking, she explains that she was thinking what they can now do after the mistake that Karan has committed, Sherlin advises that they can respond by saying that this is a fake news, Dadi mentions that they cannot do this because they live in the same society and he has married Preeta with all the norms of their society.
Karina mentions that she doesn’t feel Karan is doing this to take revenge but rather feels that he was forced to marry Preeta by the Aroras as they know all of his weakness and might have exploited them which forced him to take such extreme step and now they will always ask them for money which is why Sarla came to threat them, Rakhi tries to defend them by explaining that she might have said all those things in anger but they will not ask them for money, Karina is curious why Rakhi is still defending them after what they did to their family.
Karina mentions that might ask them for money and blackmail Karan which might destroy Karan life and they can give the Auroras money but will their needs be fulfilled, Sherlin thinks that that she will not let anyone take even a single penny from the Luthras, she says that she is curious as every problem has a solution so why does this problem not have any, She responds that it also has a solution, they all get curious about what the solution will be.
Shrishti is texting Samer asking him to meet her in the cafe which is near her house, he agrees to come, Sarla enters the house complaining that the prices of vegetables have gotten really high, she asks Shrishti what is wrong with her, everyone is saddened by what has happened with Preeta, she tries to act as if everything is happy giving Bi jee her newspaper also informing Janki of what she wants to make her for the day, they all look at her with confusion as they are not able to understand why she is acting like this.
She orders Janki to go and put the things in the kitchen, she inquires if Preeta is still in her room saying that she will go and call her but Preeta comes out by herself, she kisses her on the forehead and gets saddened to see the Mangal Suture and Kumkum, Sarla asks her if she will drink tea to which Preeta responds that she will also make it they then respond saying that they want to drink it.

Precap: Rakhi asks Karina for the solution she says that they can marry Karan, the lawyer explains that the Luthras might try to say that the wedding is illegal but they can ask them for money.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Karina and Sherlyn are still running the show. Karina, mostly unwittingly as compared to sherlyn, but as usual the criminals are in charge, the men remain wimps or are in comas and Sarla’s getting ready to design the next drama which will debase at least one of her daughters. Where are her missing twin boys? The ones that Rhugaveer did not father? I would like to see the trans*xual Jessica wreak havoc on the Luthra family and change their sensibilities. I would like to see the trans*xual Jessica and his brother (‘HIS’ because he hasn’t had his surgery and he only started his hormone treatment one week ago) are entertainers so of course they have more money than the Luthra’s and this brother duo could be fun to watch as they punish the Luthra’s properly. Finally, the Arora girls will have a protector. Their mother does the opposite of protect. She tells them it is good to be beaten and to say thank-you to whomever is in a bad mood and needs to destroy a woman’s life.

  2. It’s such a disgust that people on one hand criticize that Indian shows sucks but they will continue to watch it and help it top the TRPs thus, boosting up ekta’s morale that whatever u r showing is superb. It topped and has surpassed YRKKH although I don’t like that show also but one should file a petition. Look at foreign shows, American series, french series, Korean series u will feel ashamed that why India sucks in entertainment field also… better watch cartoon series 😡😏😂🤣♥️🤗

    1. so true ……finally a sensible person on this entire website…..

    2. I am so glad that I only criticize KKB/KDB and have enjoyed other serials where both men and women were treated with respect and were actually addressing some of the issues that are still occurring in India. I’m sure that like many others, you can see how Ekta’s work is very ‘special’. As well, I learned from the KKB twitter people, as well as Quora (some time ago) that TRP is calculated only on the basis of Indian television viewers. The KKB twitter followers recommended only watching on the web, so as not to help TRP. They did not want the dusripidhi to succeed. I sympathize/agree with their complaints. Fortunately, I am not one of those Indian homes that has the TRP device installed. I watch on the web. KKB and KDB are like watching a dangerous and deadly cartoon series. I liked your reference! What to do! It is also recommended by academics, scientists, doctors to keep a close eye on anything troubled or diseased so that you can prevent or address any growing threats. Again? What to do? You may ignore the cancer, but if you ignore it than it will kill you. It’s always better to educate yourself and then learn even more. Understand the cancer. Observe the cancer from every perspective. You may then even learn how to heal the cancer. It’s a crapshoot. I, for one, am learning and am pleased at the number of open and questioning minds/hearts that I have ‘met’ here. Brainwashing propaganda is wrong, whichever country it shows up in. It affects the individual viewer and the society as a whole. In order to understand it fully, in your own nation as well as others you must also learn about the society. Ekta knows exactly what she is doing and needs to be exposed. That would make room for the real talented people in India to finally have their chance to work/create as I have repeatedly pointed out in my commenting history. Ekta doesn’t create. She copies the work of others and adds debasing stories which hurt men and women alike. Yes, it is cartoonish. A cartoonish version of a cancer.

    3. Agree with u @RV such a disgusting serials it’s better watch cartoon series
      U know daily iam watching those only Ninja Hattori Motu patlu it’s really peaceful to me than this shitty crap

  3. Waste of watching this non sense since 2 years… Got fed up with this dragging story… Always evil wins in this serial..same as kumkum Bhagya…always abhi n pragya used to be far away from each other..all the time Alia n Tanya were against to them… When enemity got stopped there was nothing to run the show n makers started with new cast they are abhi n pragya’s children… Same thing is happening in the kundali bhagya serial…there is nothing in between the main cast… Always story lies between Sherlin n prithvi who are the villan role of the serial. Always preeta gets blamed n she will be proved wrong. Fed up with this serial 🙏🙏

    One thing I want to say to the zee tv director n ekta ji who is writing the serial… In South India means in Hyderabad… People loved starting series of kumkum bhagya serial… They got impressed n after 1 month they started dubbing in Telugu n they were playing as a daily serial….after 2 years they stopped playing this serial….they got understood that it was a dragging n a non sense serial which doesn’t have any meaning in the love trust n relations….So I request u ppl to not let kundali bhagya in that extent.

    If you want to make a good serial just watch iss pyar ko kya naam doon first season in hot star….such a beautiful n wonderful serial ppl love it till today…try to make such serials so that ppl love to watch zee TV serials.

  4. Is Ekta buying or influencing trp in any way??? Because it’s hard for me to believe that it has sensible or well-educated people who sit and watch this crap for half-hour how is that possible why is that possible this is emotionally damaging to anyone with common sense….i read occasionally to see if maybe just maybe things will improve or maybe there is one episode worth watching but after the first few months when it now started and when I realized evil triumph I stop watching just run through twice or so a month….smh well Ekta whatever black magic you are working for fans to watch this crap is working

    1. The TRP devices are placed on ‘thousands’ of tv sets only in Indian homes. This group, with the devices, become representative of the larger population. You would think that it would be fairly simple for a motivated person to ‘influence’ the results. A number of commenters who appear to be sensible and educated have repeatedly said that they are here for the commenting. They do not even watch the show. Every conversation needs a subject. This creative endeavour of Miss Kapoor’s does present many opportunities for discussion making a clear symbiotic relationship between the production crew, viewers and commenters. That’s the whole idea. Everyone, of course , is having some desire/need fulfilled. That’s natural and expected. Where the interest lives (I speak for myself, only) is understanding the whole environment. It helps one grow/expand.

  5. Hi arkituster dont know if you agree with me but I find that in all the serials ekta kapoor or who ever writing these storylines are making out women to look like Criminals; No Class whatsoever, now women are being portrayed as psychopaths in all these serials man it is understood in life if a man do not want you or love you….. you cannot force him to …. there is an old saying you can lead a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink it well this is what I am talking about…. now in all these serials the Evil ones that are Scorned always take revenge on the ones that are truly in love and always resort to Trickery and Murder Weyeheheh man cannot they find some other way to resolve their differences beside criminal activities and to know that it is in all the serials this nonsense happening; just when you think well yes this serial going good is because Bam Shit that to take place, well as you can see for yourself Kundali Bagya and kum kum bhagya has gone to the Dogs the writers just going around like a merry go round and keep on writing and producing Nonsense …these storylines are not true to life happening at all some just unbelievable and way out of sync …. please writers start giving us some good storylines where the evil ones are caught and brought to justice and not letting their wrong doing sweep under the rug for instance it is high time pragya and abhi reunite my gosh their daughters are young women now and still the writers keep on keeping them apart for what reason nobody can comprehend….it is time now that some of these serials come to an end.

    1. Agreed Sapphire. the women are either evil criminals. Or obedient dishrags. The male characters aren’t much better. You hope to see characters grow but here the characters stay the same. Viewers (myself included) identify with some of the experiences and personalities and continue to look for the moments where characters come together rather than compete. The level of hate has been extraordinary. But this audience has been jacked around, had a story promised which was taken away. Now I’m more interested in the story behind the story. What will Sriti Jha do next? I don’t care for the dusripidhi. How can one, when you were here to see how pragya’s/abhigya’s story ended? This story couple was magical and very skilled. But this is how bullies work.
      They get you invested and then pull the rug out from under you. Break their promises. Something is amiss. Naz was correct when she pointed out that you can see it on Sriti Jha’s face and demeanor. I like the actors who play Shahana, Aryan and Rishi. Ranbir is settling in and looking a tiny bit more comfortable. But I’m not interested in repeat plots. They think that they need 4/5 love stories to replace abhigya? And even that can’t replace abhigya.

  6. Verma4

    Karan, such a low life. Scum of the highest order, arrogant,stupid and THE assh0le. He’s so sure that he is not wrong. If i was Preeta, I would tell Karan when he finds out the truth to use either his left or right hand to satisfy his needs because she ain’t coming home with him. I can see where Karan gets his stupidity from , Kareena. Kareena and her middle class thoughts.

    1. LOL for quite awhile!! Thanks! …middle class thoughts…

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