Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithwick brings Rishab home

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Everyone at the Luthra mansion starts to create a scene in front of Rithwick, Preeta stops them and says that she will bring the water they need, when he gets up they starts to play according the roles they have, They praise Rithwick for the nice attitude that he has for saving Rishab.
Preeta gets a call from Prithvi who asks him if she is okay, she says that she is fine but is busy and will talk with him later, Karan asks her to come, Prithvi understands that something is happening in that house. Rakhi and Karina both are forcing Rithwick to eat something but he says that he will not eat anything, they then starts to blackmail him and he agrees.
Sherlin is tin the room trying to make a sweater but she is not successful, She gets a call from Prithvi who asks he that she knows about the

things that is happening in the house, she says that Karina sent her to the room so that they can test her for making of a sweater, he gets angry and says that’s he is a mental case because she is listening, she is about to leave but someone has locked her into the room, he say that it is not a coincidence but a planning and someone has planned this from the start, they have a fight, she hangs the phone.
Rishab is with Rithwick, Rakhi brings the juice, Rishab starts to make him fall in his trap and then says that he will make Rithwick the partner of his 7 star hotel and after a lot of blackmailing he agrees, they force him t0 go with Karan and enjoy, he also agree.
They all start to rejoice and Karina says to Rakhi that they must go to free Sherlin from the room and when they leave and finally enter the room, all of the room is in a bad shape and everyone there is strings, Sherlin comes with something like a sweater and they cannot understand it, Rakhi and Karina both starts to praise her just to keep her heart, Rakhi is about to spill their plan accidentally but the is stopped by Karina, they both ask her not to take the so called sweater in front of Dadi because she will then scold her, they then hug her, Sherlin is confused about the reason both of them are behaving like this, they then ask her if she wants to take some time and stay calm, but she says that’s he wants to go home and leaves.
Dai asks if their la will succeed and what will happen to their plan, she asks Preeta to which she says that now he will trust them and then they will come to know of the one who is behind all of the plan against Karan, Preeta sees Sherlin , they get amazed and stop saying a word, she comes and asks the reason they stopped talking, they all starts to make excuses but she is not convinced and is about to leave, when she leaves they asks Dadi why did they not tell them , Dadi says that she came by coincidence and they had nothing else to do.
Sherlin is driving the car and thinking that Prithvi is right because something is being planned against Prithvi, he said this to her repeatedly but she is the one who did not believe him.
Karan and Rithwick are talking, Rithwick says that he did not know what will happen to him, he then asks if Karan is talking about the case, he says that he will not back out from the case and things will only get better if Manisha walks away, Rithwick ask if the media says something to her, Karan assures him that he is very protective of girls and will not let anything happen to her, she will have no harm and can live her life with the same status.

Precap: Sherlin is driving her car, she sees Karan with Rithwick and understands that they both have joined forces.

Update Credit to: Sona

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