Kundali Bhagya 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raj agrees to tell the truth in front of Sherlin

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Kundali Bhagya 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta ask Sarla to hurry as he has gotten unconscious, they take him to their house and tightly band him together on a chair, Shrishti gets tensed wondering why he is not waking but Preeta explains that it will take time to get off, Bio jee asks Sarla if he was the one and when she comes to know she gets really mad planning to hit him because he hurt her daughter in law, Janki brings things that they will use to torture him, he starts to wake up and is still little unconscious to which Shrishti takes a glass and pours it on him which wakes him up.
Preeta and Shrishti slap him after which bi jee along with Janki start to hit him, Sarla asks them to stop as she wants to ask some questions, she ask him to tell them, everything if he want to remain alive otherwise they will start to torture him.
Prithvi is walking when he bumps into Sherlin, she ask him why is still here because she asked him to ask for marrying Preeta as soon as possible, he explains that he cannot go because Preeta is still here, she explains that he would have to talk with Sarla for the marriage, but he says that he is not happy and she does not care for it, he is only looking happy because he is acting and otherwise he is really sad, they both hug each other but Sanjana sees them and comes to them, she tries to slap Sherlin but Prithvi catches her hand saying that she must never think of doing it, Sherlin also says that this is why she loves him because he also loves her, Sanjana tries to scold her but he says that she cannot otherwise he will get angry and do something which he does not want to.
Dadi comes asking why is he holding her hand, Prithvi explains that he was asking her for her bangles because he likes them a lot and they all try to hide the real truth, Dadi gets happy thinking that he is asking for marrying Preeta because he has to goa broad and so wants to marry Preeta before he goes there, dadi gets really happy saying that he must not hurt her because he will then have a beating, Prithvi starts to joke and leaves saying that he will come back with good news.
Raj tries to get away by lying for his true identity saying that he is a poor person and his parents cannot pay anything to them, Sarla says that she will make him say the truth because he was the one who kidnapped her even when she said hat she has to do something important and he must let her go, even then he hit her and also when Preeta came she even hit her, Shrishti takes Sarla back and hits him , they all take turns in making him say the truth, Janki also hits him but Shrishti ask her to hold her hand otherwise he will not be able to say anything,
Sarla asks what he thinks that girls are weak and does he think that they are weak and cannot battle him, they are the ones who give both to men and are not those who should be beaten when men want, she explains that she has given to birth to two lioness and they both will beat him to the extent that he will not be able to get up, Bi jee also hits him saying that she will hurt herself but she slaps him real hard.
They release him and he takes out a gun saying that he is a goon and can he not carry a separate gun, he hold them all at gunpoint scaring them that he will kill them all because they tried to hurt him.
He also threatens Sarla ordering that she come back to her family, he then turns to everyone else, Sarla throes her dupatta at him, Shrishti hits his hand with a wooden object, then they all hit him but he escapes and takes Sarla holding her head with his hand threatening that they all stand back otherwise he will break her neck, Shrishti throws red chilli at him and when they again start to beat him, he gives in saying that he will tell the truth, Shrishti ask him to vow that every girl is his sister.
He says that he will tell everything once they take him to the Luthra house.

Precap: Karina asks who the person is, Rishab also asks Sherlin about him to which she at once denies, Preeta explains that he was the one who kidnapped Sarla as she saw her marrying another person.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Repetition is the best tool to teach people and children. Thank you again Ekta Kapoor for teaching your viewers, mostly women in India and people across the world that Indian women are either very stupid, greedy fashionista’s, really, really dumb, greedy criminals who are perfect matches for their very dumb men who can’t do anything without permission from their mother, sister or daughter. Obedience is the game here regardless of how criminal and stupid the action might be. Thank=you Ekta Kapoor for today’s lesson in how utterly useless…except for exploitation… Indian people are. Ekta Kapoor and her many political and corporate friends love it that Ekta is helping the exploitation of India to race forward with ease. Making Modi and friends even richer while promises of bettering India fall by the wayside. Ekta does a good job of keeping regular Indians mesmerized by bullsh*t, so that she and her rich friends can keep getting wealthier through the misery of India’s people.

    1. And ofc he will turn the whole truth around again! Producer is soooo boring!

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