Kundali Bhagya 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan and Manisha perform the Roka

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Manisha says to Karan that she has started t love him and has agreed to perform the Roka, Karan also admits that he loves her, he asks about the ring, she says that it is her lucky ring and she must wear it all the time.
Prithvi comes out and says that Manisha doesn’t understand that Prithvi is the great mastermind and he will sacrifice every girl like Manisha for his plan because he doesn’t care.
Shrishti is following Sameer and throwing followers at him, he gets angry and asks why is she irritating him, she throws flowers at him and then they both start to fight, she gives up and when she asks he says that she is not so handsome like Rishab, she asks if he is jealous but then she says that she is interested in him after that what has he got, which is nothing compared to Karan

and Rishab, Shrishti hearing this gets angry and says that she really likes him and has only cared for him more than any other, they are talking when Rakhi calls Sameer and Shrishti asks if he got jealous, when he is about to leave he says that he got little jealous.
Karan and Manisha are both sitting and ready for the event, the Pandit begins and so they all starts the rituals, Karan thinks that Manisha should have given up and left, Preeta is looking and thinking that things are not going according to their plan but he must give up and stay focused because this is the only way that their plan will succeed, Karan thinks that he will not be able to do this even this is what everyone wants, The Pandit concludes the event, they all get the blessing, Karan tries to impress everyone and tries to flirt with Manisha, he asks for a song and they all start to dance,Rishab is looking at Preeta and not concentrating at his dance, Preeta gets jealous seeing Karan with Manisha he wonders what is going in her mind,
Dadi greets Rakhi and Manisha asks everyone for their leave, they all greet her and she is about to leave, Karan says that he will drop her but she insists that she can manage, she doesn’t listen to what he says but leaves.
Karan is looking, Mahesh comes and is very angry at Rakhi that they should not have been so kind to Manisha, he doesn’t listen to what Dadi is saying, she then tries to stop him but forcing him to bring the clothes from the roof, he says that she is not understanding him, she sends him away but then gores after him saying that he must not say things like this in front of the outsiders and that he must stay quiet.
Prithvi comes to Manisha room and says that she has done a good job, she warns him about what will happen to him if someone comes and sees them, Prithvi says that nothing will happen because if someone does come then he will diaper like magic so that he is invisible, they hear a knock on the door, thereby getting stunned. Prithvi immediately hides, Manisha opens the door and it is Sherlin, she calls Prithvi but he asks her to be quiet but then Sherlin calls him, he comes out so Sherlin says that she is going to meet Karina and will meet him at his house, Prithvi asks if that was all, he says that the Luthra’s are only playing a game with her, that what Rakhi said to her was a just a lie and that they are all playing a game, she at first acts that she is really falling for it but then she says that she knows that they are playing a game but she only wants to talk to her boyfriend, he says that he will make a call soon but she is adamant, Prithvi says that she must work with a plan that will help to ruin the Luthra’s, he says that he has a plan, Manisha listens to everything that he has to say but then ads that it will take only a second for her to end all this drama, she only wants to talk with her boyfriend otherwise she will tell the truth, Prithvi and Sherlin are both shocked.

Precap: Preeta is very angry with Karan and says that she feels that he really wants to marry Manisha, they all tried to stop it but he was adamant and so their plan failed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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