Kundali Bhagya 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sherlin tries to threaten Kartika

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Rishab walks into his office, he is still very confused, he wonders for all the moments spent with Preeta, he thinks what Karan said to him regarding Sherlin that they both had gotten the report and she is not good girl, he gets really angry and starts to throw things away wondering why did he marry when he knew that it would not be a good solution, he married the wrong girl under pressure, hi employee comes in, Rishab asks him to clean it and he has to go for a meeting.
Sarla thinks of a plan and wonders why would the kidnapper be scared of her, she thinks and takes a knife from the vendor but when she is going to him she accidently drops the vegetables of a stranger which makes the kidnapper cautious and he gets away, Sarla thinks that she thought of taking him to the Luthra house for speaking the truth, she goes after him.
Raj is walking, he calls Sherlin saying that he can kidnap Sarla for her and she can do what she wants with her, however she says that there is no need for him to kill her because she is of no threat, Raj connives her to not let any evidence get away, Sherlin agrees and asks him to come get the money from her at night.
Sarla goes after the kidnapper and hides behind the car, she receives a call from Shrishti who say that she has to take her jeans to the market but Sarla ask her to end the calls eh ask her what the matter is, Preeta also comes but Sarla scolds her to not let her know of anything, Preeta asks her and she gives in telling everything she has planned and what she will do, Preeta requests that she not do anything, Sarla says that her daughters are her sense of feeling pride so she will do anything for them, they both say that she doesn’t have to fight with him alone and they will also join them. Sarla ends the call but Raj get away and she also follows him.
Kartika comes asking Sherlin to come down as everyone is waiting, she holds her hand saying that she knows that she did not want her to get married with Rishab but they could not do anything of the sort and so she must now respect her but Kartika does not listen to her asking what the hell is wrong with her, Sherlin then tries to smooth with her but she pays no heed and when she comes to know that Kartika is refusing she starts to blackmail her by threatening that she will make her get married with her finance even when she knows that he is not a good person.
Raj is looking for Sarla but does not find her he thinks of calling Sherlin but then drops the idea because Sherlin will scold him to the extent that she becomes unbearable, Sarla thinks of not waiting for her daughters and capturing the kidnapper alone as this might the last chance she gets of clearing the name of her daughter.
Raj sees Sarla from the rear view mirror, he thinks that it might be his lucky day because she is coming straight towards him, Preeta and Shrishti come to the market but get scared when they do not see Sarla, and Raj calls his men ordering them to bring the car.
Sarla gets a call from Preeta, she says that she saw him but he ran away, she says that she is seeing him and is in the next lane, Preeta ask her to come to the auto stand and not end the call, Sarla makes Raj follow her and goes to the stand, Shrishti tries to explain that they are going ibn the wrong direction, they both get disconnected because of low connection, Preeta explains to Shrishti because they have to work from their minds.
Sarla is standing when Raj sees her, she pulls out the knife, however he threaten her saying that she cannot scare her with this, he takes out the gun saying that if she touches him with the knife he will kill her instantly.
Preeta says that nothing can happen in broad daylight so they have to just run as fast as they can, Raj says that he has got the order to kill her now as it will cause problems if he takes her, she say that he daughters are coming and they will fight him together, she scratches him and he falls, Shrishti also comes pushing him which angers him, he threatens to kill them but Preeta makes smell chloroform and he gets unconscious.

Precap: Raj says that he would have killed them all if he was loose, Preeta and Sarla ask Shrishti to let him loose, Sanjana comes pulling Prithvi and Sherlin aside as they were hugging, Sanjana tries to slap her but Prithvi catches her hand, Dadi comes asking Prithvi what the matter is and what is happening.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. writer’s how much more are you going to show and drag on, on, on, on, on, on, and on writing these ridiculous stories, were the hell do you get brains to write such bakwas drams, in which world are you.

    1. Leisa s morris

      The world of zee tv where writers r brain dead and zombies r in their place so only crap after crap after crap is being dished out. Dont expect anyting else cause u will b highly dissappointed.

    2. SHANKI

      This is getting worse then kumkum bhagya by now how long are they going to extent bloody sherlin and prithvi I just hate looking at prithvi’s ugly face and he thinks that he deserves preeta and now i’m starting to hate karen too by 70 episodes abhi and pragya were married but 500 episodes up not married yet and risab I love his care for preeta but even tanvi could realize in first meeting that karen likes preeta and vis verser but rishab thinks preeta likes him? living in his own dreams, now he has married sherlin so after this track is over don’t he dare think preeta will marry him in second marriage no only karen and preeta

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