Kundali Bhagya 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithwik dies in the accident

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Kundali Bhagya 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shrishti asks the driver to stop the bike, she goes and tries to get the driver to waken he does not wake no matter what she does, and the driver also comes and asks if he is dead but Shrishti says that they must take him to the tea stall.

Rishab is in the café and wondering what happened and why Rithwik is not coming, he gets a call from Karan asking why Ritwik did not come and what has happened, Karna sys that he will never come as he is dead, Rishab asks him to stay and he will come, Preeta wonders if Shrishti was right and the accident was because of the mastermind.

Prithvi is wondering that the driver must remain safe, he gets really angry and thinks of calling the driver, when it rings Shrishti wonders and is about to answer the call but is not able to and they both try to

get him awake, Prithvi is getting worried about the reason the driver is not answering the call. He gets awake, Shrishti is not able to answer the call.

Preeta is explain to the officer about the incident, Karan also says that he has seen the face of the driver, Rishab comes and is not able to control himself, Karan tries very hard to calm him down, Rishab says that he cannot understand what happened, Karan says that he thinks that I sis a case of plan murder, he calls Rishab aside, Preeta ask Karan what he is thinking,. He explains that he thinks it is because of the same mastermind and is a case of planned murder.

Shrishti questions the driver forcing him to tell the truth, he does not speak, she threatens him with his life but he does not speak. Karna and Preeta also discuss that it is a case of murder.

Prithvi is driving his car thinking of how scary the way is, Shrishti is still questioning the driver but he sensor say anything and gets unconscious, she gets a call from Preeta who asks her to come back, she tells her that Rithwik is dead, Shrishti is not able to understand what they will do, the driver plans to get away as if he gets caught then he will spend the rest of his life in jail. Shrishti says to Preeta that she has the driver and together with the biker boy will bring him to the police station.

The driver tries to escape but they both run after him, Shrishti throws a stone at him which leads to him getting caught, they both start to question him again.

Prithvi comes and is amazed to see that he got caught, Shrishti gets very angry asking the driver to say the truth, Prithvi gets frustrated seeing that the driver got caught, he wonders what will happen to him now that the driver i9s caught, eh decides to hide so that Shrishti doesn’t see him.

The inspector thanks Rishab and Karan for saying the truth, he decides to go away, Preeta says that Shrishti caught the driver and they both go to the car but Rishab does not move, he says that Rithwik died because of him and was coming to tell the truth to save Karna life, Preeta asks him to not worry as it is not their fault, they must do all that they can to catch the real person behind all of this and so must move towards the police station.

Shrishti says to Prem that he must keep hold of the driver until she arranges a car, Prithvi hides and decides to call Sherlin, she asks what happened, he asks how she attended his call, she asks if he was able so stop Rithwik, Prithvi explains that he is in a lot of problem, she says that she is not harming him but is worried and is only doing it of love, she says that it is because of her accident.

Prithvi says that he is dying and he hired Billa to kill Rithwik but he got caught, she feels that it is the police but he says that if that was the case then there was no worry but Shrishti was the one to catch him.


Precap: Shrishti sees a car and goes to unlock it but sees a Peron who is lying in the driver seat.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. this show is a joke, a complete copy and paste from it parent show.
    One year and not a thing has move or revelation. this girl is pregnant for a year same as tanu. a total was of time.

  2. Same rubbish as kumkum,nikil comitted so many crimes like this and he is still moving freely.they have brought d same rubbish here again.

  3. This show stinks. I feel sorry for the actor who plays Prithvi. Prithvi is modelled on the personalities, from KKB, of Aliyah, the tuna fish tanu and mithali all wrapped up in one. Of course, they took 3 female evil-doers , mushed them together, added male genitalia and forced a male actor to behave like a pissed off, prissy, prancing ____ queen. All in a man’s body. Supposedly a straight man because he is the father of Sherlyn’s baby. Hope the actor is receiving triple pay to make a total fool of himself and appear physically, mentally and emotionally… well, thoroughly unattractive.

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