Kundali Bhagya 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Prithvi tries to stop Sarla

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Sarla is in the auto heading for the Luthra house, she decides to call and inform them at the house of what she saw in the Mandir, she calls Shrishti and Preeta but they are not able to pick the phone because the phones are in a basket at the counter, she gets really worried thinking what she must do because she wants to help the Luthras and save them at all costs.
Karna and Preeta arguing, they turn their heads and see that Karina, dadi are dressed in black, they come and after teasing Rakhi leave for the hall, Karan blows a whistle and says that she is looking very nice, Karan says that they are going to land him in a fight because they are looking s*xy and he will have to fight with the boys who ease them, they both also ask Rakhi to wear the same dress but she does not pay any head to them.

ask Rishab where the girls are, he says that they all are here, Mahesh comes and says that they all are drinking but not giving him any, they all start to argue and then the dance crew comes asking them the time to starts the performance, Mahesh asks Sanjana where Sherlin is, she heads aside and wonders that she must call her to know where she really is.
Sherlin is driving her car and thinking if it is written in fate that she should marry Prithvi because the first time when they were about to marry then they were interrupted by Rishab and now Sarla, She gets a call from, her mother but does not pick, Karan comes from behind and seeing that she is tensed and calling Sherlin hides, wondering what might have happened, she decides to text her just when Shrishti comes and teasing her gets really worked on what happened, Karan comes from behind saying that she was calling her daughter but she did not accept her phone.
Karan and Shrishti work on a plan to make the things happen, she says that she is going to have the injection and he agrees to her plan, Tanvi comes informing that the dancers have come and they should leave.
Rakhi and dadi along with Karina are standing on a table, Rakhi asks them how they both are able to do it because she feels really nervous doing such things, Ganesh is not able to recognize Karan and dadi, and wonders if they are young girls, Karina makes him go away, Kartika comes asking Rakhi after complimenting her for her beauty the whereabouts if Karina, when she lifts her mask Kartika hugs her saying that she looking really nice.
Shrishti is going to call Sarla when she bumps into Samer who takes her to the dance floor. The dancer begins and the epic sequence starts, they all starts to take part in the dance, Preeta and Shrishti go on the dance floor Karan and Samer also follow them on the floor, they start the couple dance making it into a n exciting performance having a lot of fun while doing it. They taker everyone on the floor, Sanjana thinks that what a good and loving they all are but gets tensed wondering why her daughter doesnโ€™t understand and see this side of the family.
Prithvi is really tense thinking that everything wrong has happened because Sarla has come to now that Sherlin has some other person in her life besides Rishab, he wonders that Sarla has to seen his face, so he is on the safe side, he wonders that if this happens then Rishab will end the marriage, Sherlin might go and tell the truth to everyone and so make an end to all his plans, he also thinks that Karan then might go and make Preeta realize that he was telling the truth.

Precap: Prithvi is following Sarla and wonders that she might be taking a road that goes directly to Luthra mansion, He sees her going there deciding to follow her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kya bakwaas hai

  2. Not this nonsense again.
    We all know Every character is super stupid in this serial excepting the Almighty, Untouchable, pious and Invincible Pritive is smart.

    1. Rejoyce Meintjies

      Seriously. It’s getting boring to watch.

  3. Sarla will die or slip to coma ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  4. I’ll not be surprised if Sarla dies or loses her memory like Janki. To be sincere, the film is just going in a circle.

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