Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Aroras and Luthra’s win over Neil

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Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Neil laughs as Karan and Rishab had been captured. He mocks at Karan’s skill of cricket. Preeta and Shrishti had come there. Shrishti says they must inform Sameer but he wasn’t there behind. She says he must be arranging some arms. Preeta whispers into Shrishti’s ear who walks towards Karan and Rishab. Neil was shocked to see her. Preeta grabs a gun from behind Neil and points a gun at his forehead. He orders to untie their ropes. Preeta forces him to turn around, but another man comes from behind to snatch the gun off her hand. She was held with the others in the hall. Neil says he will be hanged as he has done a single murder, now he will kill all of them and get the same punishment. He says now he will play the filmy game with them, and shows a full magazine of revolver to them. He pointed the gun towards Preeta. Rishab and Karan shout at Neil to leave the girls. Neil agrees to drop Preeta and instead points the gun at Shrishti.
Sarla, Mahesh and Rakhi enter the godown. Prithvi was behind Mahesh and recognizes Sheru. Mahesh picks up a rod and asks Prithvi to come forward, they must confront this goon together. He drags Prithvi along. Sheru asks Prithvi if he brought the money. Prithvi hides behind Mahesh denying. Someone hits Sheru at the back of his head. Sheru fell unconscious. Prithvi hugs Sameer appreciating him. Rakhi and Sarla come there. Rakhi and Mahesh argue about who must go farther.
There, Neil held everyone hostage and asks whom to kill. Rakhi and Sarla come in. Neil was shocked to see the whole family. Sarla slaps Neil, Mahesh beats him. Karan and Rishab join in. Rakhi and Sameer held one of the goons. The goon points a gun at Sameer, Rakhi helps him by throwing a stool at the goon. Preeta and Shrishti take iron rods to hit the goons together. Rishab and Karan wrestle against the men. Sarla finds Prithvi peek from behind the box and wonders whose side he is.
Karan takes on Neil and twists his hand. Neil screams out of pain. Karan steps over his hand asking if he touched Preeta with the same hand. Preeta watches this from behind. Karan was about to hit the hurt hand with a rod, Preeta shouts a No. Neil takes a chance to grab the iron rod and attacks over Karan. Karan fights back. One of his goons hold Karan at gun point, Neil takes on Karan. Preeta pushes the goon with the gun and herself fell over Karan. Neil and his man flee the spot. Another goon come to hit them with an iron rod, Karan holds his hand in the middle of air and beats him.
Rakhi finds a gun lying on the floor. She grabs Neil from the back of his shirt and holds him at gun point. She grabs the attention of everyone. The goons had been grabbed by Luthra’s already. Rakhi explains to Neil she watched a lot of Indian Flims. Sarla takes the opportunity to slap Neil multiple times, she questions how he dare try to kill her daughters. She is no more alone, Karan Rishab and Sameer are also here with her. Every Prithvi is with her. She calls Prithvi who was hidden behind the walls. Neil laughs devilishly, and says Sarla is so innocent. Before he could tell anything to anyone Police arrived. Neil dodges everyone and jump out of the godown. The Luthra family gather and meet each other. Prithvi smirks from behind the wall and says he called the police who came at the right time. Preeta was shocked to see that Prithvi had come. Sarla says he came with them.

Precap; Karan and Preeta argue with each other for having saved the others. Everyone else looks on. There, Prithvi tells Sherlin he had been badly trapped.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Funny epi.

    1. Not funny downright stupid episode again. Shit brains continue to write their rubbish.

  2. Mellu

    finally they ended the kidnapping drama after 2 weeks of stretching !!!???

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